This completely bespoke gift puts the “meaning” in meaningful

The ultimate, meaningful gift experience for any whiskey or spirits lover. Bespoke whiskey crafted for your palate from barrel selection to label design.

What says “I love you” more than a completely bespoke gift, created for you from start to finish?

What says “I care” more than beautifully aged, American whiskey, crafted for your palate, by you or someone you love?

Enter Designer Dram. They are the world’s first bespoke, luxury whiskey experience where whiskey lovers, and lovers of whiskey lovers can create their own whiskey from barrel selection to label design.

The barrels are delicious, straight American whiskey barrels, aged between 5 – 10 years for the ultimate in complexity and quality and consist of different mash bills of corn, wheat, barley and rye.

How does it work?

You can create your whiskey however you like and the options are endless, with over 21,000 possible straight whiskey blends that can be created.

Not sure how to create your blend? They have you covered, by offering a Palate Test that you can go through that will take your preferred tastes and allocate your barrels for you.

What next?

Once you’ve created your whiskey, you select your ABV (Alcohol Percentage). This is important, because alcohol content plays a part in the overall taste and finish of your whiskey. A lower alcohol percentage provides a smoother, more diverse flavor and a higher alcohol percentage means a more concentrate, robust flavor.

Lastly, and perhaps the most personal aspect of your bespoke whiskey gift is the creation of the label.

Here, you get to customize the label to make it ultimately your gift recipient’s signature whiskey.

Whether it’s your significant other, an older child, a close friend, client or colleague, Designer Dram makes for the perfect, one-of-a-kind experience that is sure to leave an impression and make for beautiful memories.

Did we mention that the whiskey comes in an exquisite Italian decanter, sealed with a magnificent glass closure that makes for a special keepsake, long after the whiskey is finished?

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