Thirty-Day Optimism/Happiness Plan – Personal Growth Email Challenge Launched

A Cupful Of Happy, a blog created by Cate Vissell, has launched a virtual happiness challenge that encourages people to be more optimistic and self-loving.

The new challenge takes place over the course of thirty days and includes daily actions that help people bring more joy into their lives. It aims to empower those who are feeling blue to take responsibility for their lives and create their own happiness.

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People who feel they need a happiness boost will now have access to a wide range of resources that show them how to live more joyfully without relying on material goods or other people to make them happy. Instead, they are given the tools to elevate their mood on a daily basis, change their energy when they are feeling low, and develop a more loving relationship with themselves.

The 30 Days To A Happier Life challenge is ideally suited to anyone who is ready to take responsibility and change themselves for the better, regardless of their current circumstances. Throughout the challenge, they are required to make a commitment to themselves and follow a sequence of action steps.

The challenge uses tried and tested methods that are proven to improve mood and increase a person’s positive outlook in a short period of time. A guide featuring tips and tricks, life advice, and a happiness lesson is delivered via email each day and participants are encouraged to fully digest this information before trying it for themselves.

Bonus materials are available to those who enroll. They will receive a Happiness Is A Choice report and planner that allows them to track their progress throughout the challenge.

By taking action, participants will notice a reduction in stress and improvement in their personal relationships. Other benefits include more happiness, optimism, and joy, as well as an improvement in lifestyle and goal achievement.

About The Company

A Cupful Of Happy is on a mission to help people fill their days with happiness, no matter what is going on in their lives. They provide actionable guides that encourage people to accelerate their personal growth and find more joy every day.

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