Thermex Thermatron LP Launches New Thermatron RF Inline System For Medical Manufacturers

Designed for medical manufacturing, Thermex Thermatron's new Thermatron RF Inline System will efficiently seal a variety of thermoplastic materials and allow for optimum quality control and product traceability.

Medical manufacturing requires rigorous quality assurance. Product integrity must be a priority throughout the entire process, especially when there’s more than just a company reputation on the line, but also the health and safety of medical workers and their patients.  This is just part of the reason why Thermex Thermatron, LP continues to put the utmost expertise and care into every piece of equipment they develop for medical manufacturing and other industries. Designed specifically to meet the needs of modern manufacturers, the Thermatron RF Inline System is one of latest solutions to come from the leader in Radio Frequency and Microwave technology. 

The new Thermatron RF Inline System provides medical product manufacturers with a more efficient and reliable way to seal vital health care products. When used to seal blood and IV cuffs, water and air mattresses, colostomy, enema and waste collection bags, as well as other medical products and devices, the new RF inline system fuses with optimal consistency and strength.  This enables medical manufacturers to assure excellent quality in every product they seal, and lets them complete the process with greater speed.

The accelerated sealing process does not compromise the ability to control or trace items produced through the new Thermatron RF Inline System. This a direct result of three programmable logic controllers (PLC), which include PC interface controls and advanced diagnostic monitoring capabilities for each of the system’s five stations. The first station consists of an unwind stand; the second, third, and fourth stations are each radio frequency presses that weld thermoplastic rolled materials; while the fifth station serves as an automatic indexer that divides the finished products. Each one of these stations is fully customizable and gives manufacturers the crucial ability to track every product produced through the system.

“With the five station Thermatron RF Inline System, our customers can be confident that the same quality and RF know how they have come to depend upon is a part of our latest innovation,” said Thermex Thermatron LP’s senior sales engineer, Mark Isgrigg of the system’s debut. The new Thermatron RF Inline System is just one of the most recent innovations among the company’s full range of RF sealing and heating equipment, and engineered to meet individual manufacturer specifications.

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