Thermapen Alternative Digital Probe Thermometer for Meat & BBQ Cooking Released

A new meat & BBQ cooking digital thermometer with probe is getting reviews as the best alternative to the Thermapen cooking thermometer. This new thermometer sounds an alarm when lamb, chicken, turkey, fish, prime rib and other meats have cooked at the ideal temperature.

A new meat & BBQ cooking digital thermometer with a probe on a one metre cable is getting reviews as the best and most reasonably priced alternative to the Thermapen, Weber and Taylor cooking thermometers. This new thermometer actually surpasses the Thermapen with an alarm alert for when lamb, chicken, turkey, pork, fish, prime rib or other meats have cooked at the ideal temperature for the perfect time.

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The combined kitchen thermometer and timer takes the guess work out of cooking by eliminating the chance of serving undercooked or overcooked meat. The probe constantly checks the temperature of the turkey, chicken, lamb, fish or other meat being cooked and an alarm can be set for when the meat has reached the required cooking time. The alarm has multiple functions and can also be set to go off when the meat reaches the ideal cooking temperature.

The thermometer comes with an easy to read instant LCD display and the temperature probe is on a one metre long high quality steel cable. The digital display unit can be set to Celcius or Farenheit depending on what suits the cook or what temperature type is on the written menu. The display also has a magnetic back so it will stick conveniently to the oven door or side while it’s in use.

Reviews have been overwhelmingly positive from people who like perfectly cooked roasts. Cooks who are busy in the kitchen have peace of mind knowing the thermometer alarm will sound when their roast, chicken, turkey, lamb, pork or prime rib is perfectly cooked.

The thermometer has eliminated the fear of dangerous undercooked meat too. Reviewers are raving about the perfect, tender roasts and thrilled family and guests because the thermometer and the probe makes it so easy to get that cooking temperature and cooking times right.

Users like the fact it saves them the wasted time of repeatedly opening the oven and helps keep the meat their cooking moist because the oven stays at a constant temperature and moisture level because it’s kept closed through the cooking process.

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