Thermalabs Ultimitt Persists at the Top of the Global Bestselling List

Thermalabs Ultimitt has persisted at the top of the global bestselling list.

Thermalabs Ultimitt, a premium tanning applicator mitt that was designed to tackle the shortcomings of existing mitts in the market, has persisted at the top of the global bestselling list for quite a while. Over the last one month, the product has been the #1 bestseller on, the world’s leading e-commerce marketplace. Thermalabs Ultimitt has also made it to the top position in other regional markets such as Thermalabs Germany and Thermalabs France, in recent times. This is a significant accomplishment that is reminiscent with a product that’s effectively able to capture user expectations. However, this is not the first time that Thermalabs has attained the #1 bestseller accolade. A number of the company’s lotions and tanning accessories have made it to this position before.

Thermalabs is a cosmetics firm that became globally popular due to its exclusive, top-quality tanning lotions. The company is headquartered in New York City, but manufacturers its products at the main factory located in Israel. Despite being less than three years old in the typically cut-throat cosmetics market, Thermalabs has managed to make a name for itself and carve a solid niche. The company’s introductory tanning lotion, known as America’s Gold Standard Tanner, was a major hit. The product sold thousands of units within the first week in the market, following a brilliant marketing campaign by the company. The product’s success also attracted media limelight that proved instrumental for the company’s subsequent popularization. In addition to its tanning lotion, other notable launches by the cosmetics firm include the Glow2Go tan wipes and the Ultimitt.

Following an extensive market study that was carried out by the company’s prospecting professionals, Thermalabs determined that tanning mitts available in the market were falling short of consumers’ expectations. Either they lead to stained hand, cracked easily, or didn’t last long enough to be feasible. Following this, Thermalabs decided to manufacturer a better mitt that would outdo the competition, and provide users with the perfect way to apply their tanners. That’s how the Ultimitt was born. The product is bigger, better and longer-lasting than any other mitt in the market. Thermalabs Ultimitt is also long-lasting, doesn’t crack or break easily. It is also easy to wash and doesn’t stain the hands. These multiple benefits have probably played a major role towards the product’s current stature as the market-leading applicator mitt.

Msmugler, an Amazon user who used Thermalabs Ultimitt, reviewed, “I'm shocked at how much I love this self tanning mitt. It makes the whole process of self-tanning at home practically painless! Prior to buying this set I was using vinyl gloves to apply my self-tanner to avoid getting it all over my hands. That method was okay, but I still ended up with a few areas that weren't rubbed in all the way and/or evenly. The mitt solves that problem completely! My self-tanner goes on evenly everywhere and I find that it makes building the color much easier. All that and there's no chance of ending up with nasty brown "tan hands!" Not only that, but the mitt is so soft on my skin and it washes very well. Do yourself a favor and buy a tanning mitt immediately because it's so worth it!”

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