Thermalabs to Name Its New Tents after Planets

Thermalabs new beach tent products will be named after the planets in the solar system.

Thermalabs has revealed that their upcoming beach tent products will be named after the products in the solar system. This appears to be an interesting naming convention that will likely associate with users. Thermalabs is creating an entire line of beach tents that will shelter users after a long dip in the beach, during camping trips, while on a picnic or doing just about anything else outdoors. The products will be listed under a new sub-brand going by the name Tent World. This appears to be a smart move by the company to expand its market dominance outside its traditional self-tanning niche. Thermalabs had earlier last year announced yet another sub-brand – Supremasea – that will house its new range of Dead Sea mineral-based products.

Thermalabs is an American startup with headquarters in New York City. The company also operates various production depots in various parts of the world, with the main one located in Israel. Considered that Thermalabs is barely two and a half years old, the company’s story of zero to hero is an incredible one. Starting out with zero customers and a little-known product (original self-tanner), Thermalabs managed to attain over fifty thousand customers within the first year in the market. To date, the company has effectively cultivated hundreds of thousands of active customers from around the world. Critics have often discussed the firm’s ability to break traditional barriers to entry in the cosmetics industry. The general consensus appears to be that the company’s immense focus on ‘green’, ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ products has contributed greatly to this success.

Before announcing the move to introduce Tent World (the new beach tents brand), the company had released their introductory beach tent sometimes towards the end of 2015. This was a premium, instantly foldable beach tent that provided a safe haven for some fun time in the water. It protected occupants from the beach environment and kept their skin safe from the sun’s harmful rays. The product was also equipped with an extra-comfy interior, thus making it ideal for kids. Once it hit the market in December 2015, Thermalabs first beach tent was an instant sensation. The product garnered thousands of sales from potential tourists in Western countries looking to escape the cold weather by taking a vacation in warm, tropical beaches in other parts of the world. Indeed, there’s no disputing the fact that this product’s immense success motivated the company to introduce the now new Tent World brand.

Thermalabs has revealed, in an interesting move that’ll certainly capture the attention of potential buyers, that their new beach tents will be named following the sequence of the planets in the solar system. The company’s upcoming beach tents will be premium stuff, including a wealth of superior features that were designed to give users an ultimate experience, and thus shove the competition out of business. Each product will have its distinct qualities that will separate it from the rest.

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