Thermalabs Organic Healthcare to Rely on 1000 Years of Ancient Wisdom

Thermalabs Organic Healthcare will be borrowing from 1000 years of ancient knowledge in healthcare.

Thermalabs has revealed that its new sub-brand, Organic Healthcare, will be borrowing from 1000 years of ancient wisdom in healthcare. This is an interesting announcement especially considered that most of the company’s competitors are banking on modern equipment to produce new, better products in bulk. The company appears to be following the path less traveled, looking to unlock the mysteries of ancient vigor, health, and vitality through products that will be largely affordable to the average customer.

Thermalabs is a major U.S brand that was established in 2013. The company started out with an introductory self-tanner that sold like hotcakes. Following an impressive pre-marketing run by the then-startup, this lotion-based tanner managed to sell over 10, 000 units within the first week post-launch. This was obviously a major accomplishment for the little-known startup. Thermalabs obsession with quality perhaps helped make this product a major hit. The company utilized ingredients such as Green Tea, Aloe Vera, and Shea Butter to make a classic tanning lotion that delivered results within just four hours. More so, this lotion contributed to an even tan with a silky feel. Its widespread success helped lay the basis for what is the current company, producing over a dozen top-flying products in different niches.

Thermalabs is headquartered in New York but operates production centers in other parts of the world.

The decision to launch Thermalabs Organic Healthcare came just months after the firm introduced two new sub-brands that would help expand its operation beyond self-tanning. Earlier in 2015, Thermalabs introduced Supremasea, its new division that would be tasked with producing premium skincare products based on mineral salts from the Dead Sea. Earlier this year, the company also introduced Tent World, its new division that would oversee the production of beach and sports tents. Thermalabs Organic Healthcare is the latest venture by the company that will focus on the provision of handmade healthcare products based on seeds, herbs, and plants acquired from the Galilee region in Israel.

Thermalabs Organic is an initiative aimed at achieving the health, energy, and vigor that human ancestors had. The sub-brand is approaching healthcare backward, trying to trace the loss of proper health through the generations. In modern times, consumption of processed foods has led to a majorly unhealthy population. By focusing on the natural herbs, seeds and plants that were consumed in the past, and making them a key constituent of the diet, Thermalabs is looking for a new way to promote and maintain good health.

The company has announced that it will be relying on over 1000 years of healthcare wisdom acquired from the Rambam. The Rambam was a pre-eminent Jewish astronomer, philosopher, and physicians. Born around 1135, he managed to use natural ingredients to foster good physical health. His work has been celebrated in dozens of modern books about health. Scores of medical schools in the U.S, Israel, and other countries have also been named after The Rambam.

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