Thermal Lap Throw/Wing-Wrap Blanket – Multifunctional Device Storage Launched

The Warmer Upper, a thermal lap throw with a removable touch-sensitive device storage pouch, has been updated for worldwide customers. LapWrap, LLC offers the product to provide warmth for seniors and older adults.

LapWrap, LLC has announced new updates to its lightweight Warmer Upper lap throw, available for online customers around the world. The hypoallergenic blanket is knitted with Polartec Thermal Pro materials and dyed polyester yarns, providing warmth and comfort for seated users.

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With its newly updated Warmer Upper, the veteran-owned company offers a resilient living room or office complement for seniors and older adults. Designed with a unique ergonomic wing wrap, the product enfolds seated users to ensure warmth from all directions.

The new lap throw meets a universal need for seniors, with research suggesting that elderly people tend to feel cold more often due to naturally decreased circulation. By wrapping the Warmer Upper around their bodies, users can keep their extremities comfortable at all times in the home or outdoors.

Crucially, the product prevents users from needing to excessively raise their in-home heating, reducing their energy usage in colder months. The Warmer Upper is also suitable for summers as a handy accessory for outdoor camping trips.

Further distinguishing the USA-made lap throw from similar blankets, The Warmer Upper comes with the option of a removable touch-sensitive pouch and a 6ft universal extender cable. The combination ensures that users can store and charge their mobile devices within, keeping them both organized and secure.

Users will benefit from the added ability to protect their electronic devices against drops from hot or cold beverages, keeping tablets and phones safe behind The Warmer Upper’s clear view pouch. Busy moms and grandmothers alike can sip tea while reading or browsing under the warm lap throw.

LapWrap further recommends its product as ideal for parents and grandparents who need to sit on cold bleachers when attending children’s sports events. Due to its lightweight and non-bulky build, the product can be transported outside the home without difficulty.

A company representative said: “The Warmer Upper is a wonderful choice for travel, home and sporting events – anywhere you want to stay super warm and comfortable.”

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