Thermal imaging cameras prove to be more useful in varying industries

Process Parameters talk about how thermal imaging cameras are proving to be more useful within varying industrial applications

Thermal imaging cameras have been used in many industries for varying reasons for a number of years now. From house inspections to healthcare, they appear to have multiple benefits for a variety of things.

Most notably in recent events, firefighters attended a scene in Chester Gates where a thermal imaging camera was used to show signs of a battery backup which had sustained heat damage within an industrial premises.

Within healthcare, infrared thermal imaging cameras have been shown to help monitor the progression of lymphatic filariasis. Lymphatic filariasis is a disease which is caused by parasitic worms and usually has no symptoms.

These are both real-world examples of the uses of thermal imaging cameras and the list of uses aren’t limited solely to these. Building inspectors can use these to find sources of unwanted drafts, or heating leaks. Industrial companies can use them for a better accuracy of temperature sensitive processes.

Process Parameters offer a wide selection of thermal imaging cameras for people in the UK, both businesses and individuals alike. Optris – the leading manufacturer of infrared measurements are stocked by Process Parameters

One of the biggest benefits of thermal imaging cameras is uncovering hidden issues. The Optris PI series of Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras are designed to bring the benefits of this developing technology to a wider range of applications and are supplied by Process Parameters in the UK.

By utilising thermal imaging within an application, it is possible to learn more about business processes in a shorter time than ever before. Improve the quality of a manufactured product; reduce cycle times of machines or reduce the overall energy usage from manufacturing.

The compact, robust design of Optris’ range of thermal imaging cameras makes the cameras just as suitable for continuous process measurement and quality control as they are for R&D applications.

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