Thermal Hypoallergenic Lap Throw Winged Blanket USA-Manufactured Range Launched

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A new thermal hypoallergenic lap throw called The Warmer Upper has been launched in time for winter. The blanket is designed and manufactured in the USA by an Air Force veteran.

A new thermal hypoallergenic lap throw has been launched that is designed and manufactured in the USA. The veteran-owned company behind The Warmer Upper explains the patent-pending design is ergonomic with the seated user in mind as it offers warmth, functionality, and a touch-sensitive removable pouch for devices.

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The newly launched lap throw, The Warmer Upper is made from Polartec Thermal Pro®, which offers warmth and superior comfort making it the ideal gift for the festive period and cold winter months. The team add that for a limited time, they are offering The Warmer Upper at a reduced rate with over 50% off the recommended retail price. More details are available via Facebook at

Due to the ergonomic wrap-around wing design, the blanket stays in place and will not fall off the lap of the person using it. In addition, the design means it is not bulky, which makes it easy to use and easy to store. It is ideal for people who spend time working from home, those who are always cold in the office, or elderly relatives who live in care facilities.

Personal electronics can easily be organized in the removable touch-sensitive pouch that is designed to sit on the lap. In addition, the touch-sensitive pouch protects the device and enables people to use it while it is on their lap.

The Warmer Upper team explain that for a short time they are including a 6ft universal extender cord as a bonus. It charges devices while they are in the pouch and is only available while the company has them in stock.

A reviewer wrote: “I love my new Warmer Upper. It works in the office where I used to freeze no matter what the temperature was outside. It does not bulk up on the sides of my office chair, and I still look professional. The pouch is a bonus and works well with my phone.”

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