Thermal Cup Spill Proof With Healthy BPA Free Glass & Stainless Bottle Released

CUPPA just launched its line of new spill-proof products featuring the CUPPA cup. The product is designed with a coaster-free suction base that is resistant to horizontal and diagonal impact, preventing spillage. Other non-spill products from CUPPA include the Suction Glass, and the Thermal Bottle.

Intuitive design firm CUPPA has announced the launch of its flagship product, the CUPPA cup, a non-spill serving cup designed for home and work environments alongside a host of vacuum-mounted beverage holders. The 470-ml CUPPA serving cup features a unique built-in coaster design that prevents it from being knocked over by accident.

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The new CUPPA cup features a spill-proof tumbler technology that uses a suction vacuum base that causes the cup to stick to any flat and smooth horizontal surface. The valve is released by lifting the cup vertically by its handle.

Manufactured from environmentally-friendly BPA-free resin, the CUPPA cup has a PP 304 Stainless body for the safe and convenient handling of hot or cold liquids and features a sealed lid for improved thermal insulation and temperature retention.

The CUPPA product line includes suction products such as the non-spill suction Thermal Bottle for warm to hot liquids and the eco-friendly Suction Glass. CUPPA products are paired with the company’s Bio TrackR App that estimates the pH levels of beverages contained in the cup and suggests pH-balancing recipes for daily consumption.

According to a spokesperson for the company, “The CUPPA cup is available in three dual-color variants and is resistant to horizontal or diagonal impact due to its revolutionary vacuum suction base. The product is an ideal gift for friends, family or office colleagues.”

The CUPPA cup is a serving cup for hot and cold liquids featuring a novel anti-spill technology at work. Headed by founders Sue Vas, Vince Tran and NikolausWihlidal, the CUPPA range also includes an anti-spill Suction Glass, the NutriCare healthy beverage bottle, and the Bio TrackR App.

More information about the upcoming Bio TrackR therapeutic lifestyle system and the CUPPA cup can be found at the link above.

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