Therapy Resources are in Short Supply as Nearly 200,000 College Students Attempted Suicide Last Year

Substance abuse and mental disorders are causing a rash of suicides and suicide attempts at college campuses across the nation.

Mental health professionals from all over the nation are expressing concern over the rash of student suicides that are happening in college campuses such as Tulane, William & Mark, MIT, and others.

In fact, statistics just announced by the American College Health Association, show that in this past year, 200,000 students have attempted to take their own lives while at school. Experts say that trend is caused by a combination of factors that include mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety, and substance abuse, which can lead to issues such as isolation, low self-esteem, estrangement from friends and family, and a loss of work or school, all of which put students at an increased risk of suicidal behaviors.

In addition, if someone is already at risk for suicide and begins to abuse alcohol or drugs, it can cause impulsive behavior and decrease inhibitions, which will both make someone more likely to act on suicidal tendencies.

Studies have shown that a full one-half of full-time college students binge drink, or abuse illegal or prescription drugs. In fact, one in four college students meet the current medical criteria for substance abuse or dependence, which is two and half times the rate of the rest of the population. Experts believe this contributes to the problem as 19 to 63 percent of all suicides involve a substance abuse disorder.

Colleges are responding to the crisis by increasing the level of counseling and therapists available to students, but all report that they simply cannot keep up with the demand. In addition to full blown substance abuse issues, counseling centers are inundated with the disorders that oftentimes lead to a drug or alcohol addiction. For instance, more than 45 percent of students claim to feel hopeless, while almost 31 percent of them are so depressed they find it difficult to function.

“While this is alarming news indeed… This isn’t news to us,” says a spokesman from Sober Gateway Therapy and Treatment Center. “We’ve been taking calls from students for some time that are at the end of their rope and can’t get into their campus counseling center because they’re too busy. Many students across the country need help now while they’re in a place to seek it and receive it, not two months down the road when the campus counseling departments have an opening.”

Another recent study shows there has been a 47 percent increase of students who struggle with alcohol abuse. All in all, the need for help is increasing, and despite efforts of college campuses to increase their counseling programs, they are simply not keeping up with the demand.

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