Highlights The VITCHELO New-age Headlamp on its Homepage

New-age headlamp by leading camping & hiking gear brand VITCHELO® has been featured on the most powerful online product discovery platform on the web today: with a great 5 stars rating.

Leading camping & hiking gear company VITCHELO® is pleased to announce that its new-age headlamp, the V800 Plus model, has been featured on the whom is the most powerful online product discovery platform on the web today. The esteemed site has recommended the headlamp right on its homepage, complemented by a stellar 5 stars Editor’s rating.

The V800 Plus headlamp was also been endorsed by iconic Shark Tank figure Kevin Harrington.

“This is a versatile and reliable headlamp that will help you see your way through the dark. So whether it’s about reading a book at night or going through a rough patch in the woods at night, VITCHELO® headlamp will ensure your way is lit up bright all the time” read the happy editor’s note from

The latest headlamp comes with both wide and narrow white lights. The wide mode helps with close-up camping tasks while the narrow focused light is meant for comfortable long-distance viewing up to 360 feet. This headlamp also comes with a red LED light that helps in preserving night vision. has spoken highly about the dimmable light facility available with the VITCHELO® lamp which helps to save the battery life. An additional boost mode feature enables one to take the light to absolute brightness with just one touch. The lockout design of the headlamp has also received kudos from the experts as it prevents unwanted battery drain while the lamp is not being used.

The headlamp is compatible with both rechargeable & non-rechargeable batteries and there are 2 separate buttons that control the red and while LED lights.

“We are very excited to have our V800 plus model highlighted on the website. When you have your product recommended by such a powerful online product discovery platform, there is always a special feeling of confidence, pride and honor. commands a huge reputation for curating only the best possible products in the market and securing a place there shows we’re up to something” stated a leading spokesperson from VITCHELO®.

VITCHELO® V800 Plus is best for a number of outdoor activities such as hunting, camping, fishing, hiking, climbing, caving, and so on. Those working late at night at construction sites or auto repair centers or any other such job stations, would also benefit from this new-age headlamp.

“We have got the best possible headlamp flashlight for you. Its waterproof IPX6 and backed by many cutting edge features that you have been looking for so long. We offer 60 days money back guarantee, lifetime limited warranty, no hassle and no questions asked returns! This is how confident we are” stated James Lissaint, Co-founder & CEO of VITCHELO®.

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