The5%ers Proprietary FX Trading Fund Forex Online Operation Launched

The5%ers trading fund activity has launched after two years in Beta phase. Founded by two forex traders, it offers a unique opportunity and a different approach to funding investments.

The5%ers have launched a global online operation, with a game changing proprietary trading fund for forex traders. It is now live after two years of beta testing, founded by two forex traders, and works on the basis of a win-win proposition.

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The site explains that The5%ers provides a new approach to funding investments. In the past 20 years, nothing really changed in the forex industry. Individual traders would have to fund their trading activity by their own sources.

Now, the new fund opportunity focuses on recruiting talented forex traders from all over the world, and offering them an unmatched trading career programme in an internet remote office workframe.

Gil Ben Hur, the CEO of the fund, explains that the team wanted to create the most flexible trading fund for forex traders. While every fund must enforce a trading policy, The5%ers trading provides the least restrictions. It allows for almost any trading style, and is one of the only online funds that allows holding positions overnight and over the weekend.

He added: “The Beta went better than expected. Word to mouth went like fire. Every day we had to add more traders to the waiting list. It proved to us over and over we are providing something innovative to the trading atmosphere. Something traders can truly benefit from. When we finally launched we were working overtime to match the demand by traders wanting to join.”

As a forex trading fund, The5%ers can offer traders an incompatible deal that a retail broker cannot. That is giving access to high capital trading at no risk from the trader’s aspect.

In addition to this, The5%ers has a sophisticated risk management model backed up by a combination of human monitoring, and proprietary technology. Both the trader and the fund have minor trading risk to mind with huge growth potential.

It begins when a trader applies for the fund. The fund assigns a live account to evaluate the trader’s profile. Once the trader passes the evaluation objectives, they become an official portfolio manager of The5%ers.

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