The World’s First and only Automated Content Amplification Software

The world's first and only automated content amplification software app 100K ShoutOut. The platform creates, publish, distribute and syndicate top-ranking traffic-generating marketing campaigns on autopilot

Ecommtraffic announced the launch of a professional digital marketing course, called 100KShoutOut. The training reveals proven strategies for building new income streams by selling omnipresent marketing campaigns that guarantee top rankings on Google and buyer traffic on demand. It outlines an easy step-by-step automated process for creating a sustainable $100K business via the web-based content amplification platform AmpiFire — 100KShoutOut.

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100KShoutOut is a six-module course that reveals a tested method for creating attention-grabbing omnipresent marketing campaigns that drive buyer traffic on demand. The 100KShoutOut students learn how they can easily boost their online presence, visibility and exposure to generate more traffic and demand for the promote offers.

AmpiFire — 100K ShoutOut is a professional content amplification software platform the students use to run their omnipresent marketing campaigns on autopilot. It offers a web-based done-for-you marketing solution: it helps users to instantly create and distribute content that can easily convert their target audience into customers.

When it comes to creating digital marketing campaigns, the ease of use and quick turnaround time are two factors that make AmpiFire – 100K ShoutOut a powerful software tool for producing quality in-house campaigns. Excellent tool for beginners.

AmpiFire helps users to craft pro-grade marketing campaigns in less time. Presented as the world’s first and only automated content amplification app, AmpiFire gets the word out about the promoted business services and products in an efficient, creative, and timely manner.

A satisfied student shares: “The platform takes away all the frustrations associated with the promo campaign creation and distribution processes that we were previously facing in our digital marketing agency. We use it to create professional, high-quality news announcements, blog articles, podcast episodes, videos, SlideShare presentations, infographics. There is no need of hiring a video producer, editor, or designer, AmpiFire fills in all those positions and delivers excellent results.”

For all those companies and marketing teams that do not have the time to invest in learning the complexities of video creation, news writing, content repurposing and syndication, AmpiFire — 100KShoutOut steps in to offer an easy powerful solution.

The program automatically distributes the user content on Google News, YouTube, Vimeo, podcast directories, high-traffic blog sites and more than 400 brand name media sites to generate top rankings on Google. The placements on such high-impact sites and platforms boost their traffic and sales.

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