The Vintage Super 8 Wedding Films Wooing Brides to Be & Wedding Planners in 2017

Andrew Kelly Films is making vintage wedding films. A great little bit of inspiration for engaged couples, brides to be, wedding planners and wedding venues. Read in full - Vintage super 8 wedding videographer

Andrew Kelly Films has had a big year creating his vintage Super 8 wedding films to make British Vogue’s Wedding Wishlist for 2017. He’s quickly becoming sought after by future brides, wedding venues and wedding planners. Vintage super 8 wedding videographer Andrew sheds light on his site about choosing a wedding film or not. So many engaged couples ponder for too long. Wedding planners, wedding venues or any couples planning their wedding can view his work and realise it could be a new challenger for first the first piece of the wedding budget.

The core attraction is that his films are made with real film using super 8 vintage cameras. This should be of particular note to anyone who thinks that real film died a long time ago due to HD cameras. Thanks to a small number of passionate filmmakers and Kodak who make the film, it’s being kept alive and continues to create that magical dreamy and nostalgic look…

One of the most important things Andrew tries to point out is that not choosing to have a wedding film is often a brides biggest regret.

‘If it has to be something vintage and original for a wedding one just might love the idea of reliving the day with a super 8 wedding film because of it’s unmatched beauty and nostalgia. A photograph just does not tell the whole story’

He feels lucky to be be able to film and work how he does:

“Super 8 wedding films has been a life changer, meeting amazing couples and filming some of the best wedding venues in the world”

Regular followers of Andrew Kelly Films enjoy his instagram account for quirky, cool and inspiring content that fights to keep film cherished by younger audiences. Content that can only be described as true contemporary wedding inspiration.

Andrew welcomes comments and questions from readers passionate about sharing a love for real film, old cameras and beautiful weddings. His goal is simply to help keep the love for super 8 film alive in people’s hearts.

Anyone who has a specific question about how he works or future projects beyond weddings can contact Andrew Kelly via his website at

The search for a vintage super 8 wedding videographer is over!

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