The Van Zant House, the home of Southern Rock, announces its Crowdfunding Raise

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Van Zant House Inc announces its Crowdfunding Raise "Van Zant House Crowdfunding Raise". Further information can be found at

Van Zant House Inc announces its Crowdfunding Raise, now available at United States, which fans and consumers within the Music space should find particularly interesting.

The idea for creating Van Zant House Crowdfunding Raise came about after real estate investor Todd Smith stumbled across the Van Zant House property back in late 2015. It was abandoned, and in very poor condition. When he first looked at the property, he learned it was the childhood home of Ronnie, Donnie, and Johnny Van Zant from the rock bands Lynyrd Skynyrd and .38 Special. As he started restoring the property, he learned more and more about the family and the history of these great bands, and decided it was high time someone in the City of Jacksonville, Florida recognized these legends of rock n’ roll. So he set about getting the State of Florida to approve an historical marker, which has approved and erected in 2018, to great fanfare. While the property has three attached apartments and a manufactured home that all generate revenue, Smith decided, after a visit to Graceland in Memphis, that he would restore and furnish the main house in 1960’s & 1970’s style and rent it as a vacation rental to fans of Lynyrd Skynyrd and .38 Special and they responded, traveling from all over the U.S. and from around the world to visit! Hardly a day goes by when someone doesn’t stop by to take a look at the property. Now that the property has stabilized, Smith wants to sell the property to fans of the band, so they can control its future and keep it as a historic landmark in Jacksonville forever.

Van Zant House Crowdfunding Raise had been in development for five years and had a team of dozens working on it, which is considered small by industry standards. This goes to show what can be done with a great team, which includes caretakers Eric and Peggy Eiler.

The Crowdfunding Raise almost didn’t see the light of day, when the property needed a great deal of work in the early stages. Parts of the roof were caved in, floors cracked and sunken, and windows broken. Todd Smith and his team slowly renovated one apartment at a time to stabilize the cash flows, then set to work on the main house restoration project which took several years. . The problem was overcome by hard work, perseverance, several refinancings, and a significant personal investment from Todd Smith to get the project on track. .

Van Zant House Crowdfunding Raise was released as part of Van Zant House Inc’s greater plans to be debt free, while generating significant income, and having the many fans of Skynyrd own the property. We expect to close this crowdfunding raise and pay off all debts by the end of 2021.

Van Zant House Inc got it’s start when founder Todd Smith noticed a growing need for nostalgia for fans of classic rock n roll music. With 24 years prior experience in the real estate, Todd Smith decided to go ahead and start Van Zant House Inc. in 2020.

Todd Smith is quoted saying: “We like to do things to connect with fans, including our Facebook page with more than 20,000 followers”. drawing attention to the raise and gaining traction will be super important after the Van Zant House Crowdfunding Raise hits the market.

Van Zant House Crowdfunding Raise has been live for two weeks. To find out more, it’s possible to visit:

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