The Valspring Group Re-Launches Popular Folding Saw for Spring

Paul H. Grimm, President of The Valspring Group stated, “As gardeners watch the emergence of last year’s plantings and perennials, The Gardner’s Friend (TGF) is excited to re-launch the very popular, ergonomic Folding Pruning D-Saw, a great tool for small pruning jobs.”

Says Grimm, “Spring is a time for gardeners to plant and create horticultural masterpieces. An attractive landscape includes not only planting and nurturing, but trimming and pruning.” TGF recognizes that this could be a difficult task for those suffering with hand pain.” The Company’s line of ergonomically designed gardening tools including its Folding Pruning Saw is the perfect solution for many. Maintaining a good quality of life through one’s passion is paramount to good health and longevity.

The Gardener’s Friend’s 8? Folding Pruning D-Saw is a great addition to any gardener’s toolbox. It’s lightweight, easy to use, carry and store and folds up nicely with its built-in locking mechanism, preventing injuries. The bright red color makes it easy to locate in your garage.

Not just for the backyard gardener, the Folding Pruning Saw is quite versatile and is a favorite for backpackers, campers and camping survivalists, bush crafters, landscapers, property maintenance contractors, orchardists, nurserymen, and virtually anyone who prunes or cuts wood.

Grimm exclaimed, “Spring is a time for new growth and new beginnings. The Gardener’s Friends’ line will be adding many new products in the near future. With the help of Teri Reagan, the Company’s new Content editor, we will be able to branch out to reach a more expansive number of current and potential customers and provide them with valuable information and advice via social media channels; this is exciting!”

The Gardener’s Friends (TGF), a division of The Valspring Group was developed by veteran gardener and nurseryman, Paul Grimm in 2013. Mr. Grimm’s personal struggles with pain and difficulty using gardening tools led to the development of TGF Gardening Tools, a business that provides ergonomically designed gardening tools, helping thousands of people. “The number of gardeners experiencing similar difficulties, preventing them from gardening continues to grow; it has become a priority to provide a way for people to continue to garden despite their disabilities”, he said. According to the CDC, Arthritis is the number one cause of disability in the US today.

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