The Valspring Group Announces That It Intends To Triple Inventory For the Christmas Market

The Valspring Group's President, Paul H Grimm announced here today that his company plans to increase production and stocking levels of its flagship product, "The Gardener's Friend 3-Stage Ratchet Pruners by a factor of three in anticipation of excellent Christmas and Holiday demand.

Dateline: Berwick NS. Paul Grimm, President of The Valspring Group announced here today that his company intends to increase its production and stock levels by a factor of 3 times in anticipation of very strong demand for the Christmas and Holiday markets.  

The company’s flagship product, “The Gardener’s Friend 3-Stage Ratchet Pruners”, is a tool which helps people with mild to severe hand mobility issues to garden with more comfort and less pain.  

Company President, Paul H Grimm said here today:  “It would appear that we are in a period of strong economic recovery. This warrants a bold approach to the seasonal market this year.  Therefore, the Valspring Group is proceeding to restock at historically high levels in anticipation of excellent seasonal demand.” He further stated: “It appears our economy is going to regain a level of prosperity not seen in a number of years, therefore it is essential that entrepreurs and small to medium sized businesses seize this opportunity to grow their businesses”. 

The Valspring Group focuses on ergonimcally designed tools for people with mild to moderate reduction in mobility and strength.  Mr. Grimm commented that “Many aging baby boomers are finding the things they use to do easily to be much more difficult today.  Conditions like Arthritis have taken away the freedom to pursue gardening and other outdoor activities.” 

The Valspring Group is focusing on now as the right time to expand production and marketing.  New manufacturing is going to see three times the level of production  in readiness for the seasonal markets.  It’s main marketing and dsitribution venue is through  

Mr Grimm commented “We have found the services of to market and distribute our products to be an excellent way to distribute out to the public.  By utilizing amazon for warehousing and fulfillment this allows the business to focus attention on product development, finance and marketing.”

It is expected that new inventory will hit the Amazon warehouses as early as the week of Nov 10th.  

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