The Unique and Powerful Way to Target New Movers for Your Business

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Savings Sites of Chattanooga has developed software intended to help local businesses target new movers with emails containing announcements about their products and services.

Savings Sites of Chattanooga has launched new software for businesses seeking to target new movers to their locations with the products and services they offer. The solution gives local firms the chance to be the first to contact individuals who have just moved to their area and create loyal customers.

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With the newly launched software, the company intends to help restaurants, retailers, medical and healthcare service providers, contractors, and organizations to reach new renters and homeowners within their locations with unique selling propositions. The program allows local firms to generate awareness, expand brand presence and get more customers before competitors in their specific niche in a simple, affordable way.

The New Movers software comes with a mailing list that contains the contacts of new residents within a selected location. The list is updated every month based on a business’s zip code or the area they want to target. The database includes the names and mailing addresses of new movers who are also provided an offer by the company as an incentive to join a business’ mailing list.

By using the software, adopters can search for potential targets, merge emails to automate personal letters, and leave contacts a ringless voice mail message. Those interested in Savings Sites of Chattanooga’s offering can opt for a three-package solution to receive credits to their account for each new resident who agrees to receive their offers.

Business owners are simply required to visit the company’s website to register and then click on the New Movers logo to see other pages and receive a sample email list.

Since most new movers are not familiar with the services and vendors within a given area, tapping this ever evolving and highly responsive market is an opportunity worth considering.

New residents are keen to build relationships with a broad range of local businesses and are ideal prospects for multiple goods and services, such as household furniture, home improvement products, clothes, lawn equipment and tools, home entertainment, and security gadgets. They are also very likely to look for insurance providers, retail stores, car dealerships, banks, and catalogs within their new location.

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