The Ultimate Baby Gift Box

​For over 75 years Finland has been giving every Baby a Sleep Box to go home. As a result Finland has the Lowest SIDS rate in the world. Finally the Infant Sleep Box has made it’s way to the USA

For over 75 years Finland has been giving every Newborn Baby an Infant Sleep Box to go home.

This program is funded by the government. As a result Finland has the Lowest SIDS rate in the world. Finally the Infant Sleep Box has made it’s way to North America.

Baby Miracles has created a line of baby sleep boxes designed to be an attractive and functional way to keep the baby safe as they snooze. An infant sleep box is a box made for the purpose of keeping a baby safe during daytime naps and at night when babies are vulnerable to sleep related accidents and SIDs (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). The box provides a secure sleeping environment for a newborn from the moment they come home from the hospital through their first birthday when medical professionals no longer consider most infants to be at risk.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children under the age of one be laid down to sleep on their backs on a firm surface without any blankets or toys that could pose a smothering or choking hazard. A baby’s face or obstruct an airway or cause the child to overheat. Studies also show that infants who sleep in close proximity of their parents are safer than babies who do not. The Baby Miracles sleep safe box meets all these requirements and keeps kids dreaming peacefully in the safest possible environment and surroundings.

Each set includes the box itself, a firm mattress, a waterproof canvas mattress cover and a fitted sheet. The minimalist design and smooth surfaces gives babies the room to breathe easy without dangerous bits and bobbles to confuse the senses or block the airflow that keeps each child cool and out of harm’s way. Every baby miracles box is made of non-toxic, kid-safe materials. These boxes are also manufactured with the environment in mind so mom and dad never need to worry about negatively impacting the world around them. Baby Miracles knows parents need products which provide flexibility for a fast-paced world where circumstances change and travel from one end of the globe to the other is a common occurrence.

This ultimate baby gift box is more than just an easily portable, sturdy yet lightweight bassinet. The Baby Miracles infant sleep box comes packed full of all the essentials comprising perfect baby starter sets. Hats to maintain body heat, Mittens Booties, Burp cloths, Bibs, Onezies, Gowns, Receiving Blankets, Hooded Towels, Napsack ( wearable Blanket ) and Blankets and many other Layette items available.

Newborn baby necessities parents will find themselves consistently reaching for every single day. Hats protect infants from the elements such as blazing sunshine that can dehydrate and booties keep cold winds known for ushering in stuffy noses at bay. Burp clothes protect blouses and sweaters from sneaky spit up incidents. Pants, onesies, gowns, blankets, and shirts are just some of the many items that make this particular baby gift box so much more.

With its solid construction from Earth friendly, kid friendly materials, and all baby necessities needed to survive a child’s first full rotation around the sun, Baby Miracles sleep safe box really is the ultimate baby box on the market.

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