The TWE Membership Program gets Revamped and Ready to Go.

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The TWE Membership Program offers the opportunity to teach others and draw them in as new clients or be coached by mentors - all while being able to promote their business.

The Toronto Women’s Expo has launched an Update to its Membership Program for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Coaches.

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The update is part of the Toronto Women’s Expo’s continued effort to expand its services and attract top-level Coaches and Business Leaders. A new platform and a New Website are only the tips of the Iceberg.

The TWE Membership Program (TWEMP) is a platform for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Coaches to learn and connect with other like-minded professionals. It offers the opportunity to teach others and draw them in as new clients or be coached by mentors – all while being able to promote themselves professionally.

This update converts the free Program into a paid one with three levels of Membership. Namely, Tier 1 – Education, Tier 2 – Exposure and Tier 3 – Expansion.

Tier 1 – Education. Members can learn how to tap into strengths, gain clarity and reposition their experience to maximize their brand and create a business they love.

Tier II – Exposure. This is for anyone who has established their business and is looking to expand. This Tier offers access to Networking Opportunities with Women of Influence, a Business Directory and a platform that promotes their business as the go-to choice in their industry.

Tier III – Expansion. This is geared towards entrepreneurs and professionals ready to take their businesses into growth mode or transition from corporate life back to entrepreneurship. With more time constraints, they need immediate support so they can find mentoring opportunities for new Entrepreneurs, workshops designed specifically for them plus a platform to store and share their Training.

Randi Goodman, Founder and CEO of the TWE Membership Program, has a goal to provide small business owners and entrepreneurs with useful knowledge to help enhance their businesses and personal growth. “I love the mental income I get from being a conduit to connections being made, relationships being built, and millions of dollars being traded through transactions in business,” said Goodman.

Goodman is joined by Mimi Thrasher, Founder of the Performance Coaching Team. This team of women has a passion for personal and professional growth. Through sharing TWE tools and resources with both men and women, they are excited to help people all over the world.

“I love working alongside Randi on the TWE Membership Program because it allows me the opportunity to bring a like-minded tribe together in a collaboration that results in professional success and personal peace,” said Mimi Thrasher.

With this update, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Coaches can now enjoy specific perks like discounts to Live events, exposure of their brands to qualified Business Owners, Business Directory and more.

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