The Truth On Battery Safety | Storz Power Battery Systems Defy Convention

Storz Power has defied convention with SAFETY FIRST in the Energy Storage market with the release of AI+ Battery System. Further information can be found at

Storz Power today reflected on its release of their AI+ Smart Access Battery System, after extensive development and proven success.

The main aim was to always make safety a number one priority.

Here’s the truth about Home Battery Safety;

There’s one big problem with renewables like solar power… What happens when the sun goes down? That’s where batteries come in but unfortunately there’s one big problem with batteries…

If you’re thinking about cost, you’re far from what most people fear the most so keep reading to find out.

Not all batteries are equal but the smartest manufacturers have already made the switch to the right chemistry (LFP) for power and stability, something that battery manufacturer Storz Power has pioneered before other top companies followed suit.

Now companies like Sonnen, Generac and Enphase have all switched to LFP chemistry (Lithium-Iron, Phosphate).

Everett Brewer, founder of Storz Power Utah based battery company explains, “We were Pioneers in the industry to build a safe ecosystem around the home. Safety is our number one priority. That’s why we invested so much in R&D around a Battery Management System (BMS) that’s 100% proprietary.”

Everett Brewer also said “We want out product to give our customers backup power that is flexible, easy, and powerful enough to live their life with confidence. With AI+ Smart Access Battery System, they have a fresh new possibility. We want our customers to feel like things are going to be ok in their home no matter what is going on outside when using any of our AI+ Battery Systems. Trying something new is always a risk, but it’s a risk we believe is worth taking.”

Solar energy storage with home batteries are increasing in demanded as homeowners are affected by surges in energy rates and natural disasters like the Texas ice storms of 2021 which left people cold and without power.

With mass production of home batteries from LG to Tesla, these new age power plants have more to worry about than cost and style. The novelty of backup power from powerful energy systems require a big look at safety first:


Here’s a question to consider: Is going green worth the risk of setting your house on fire? The truth about home battery safety might urge you think again when considering a reliable backup power source.

That’s why all Storz Power Batteries offer 3 levels of protection at the contactor, shunt, and breaker. Additionally, specialty AI computers sit in each battery to manage communication across the system in real time with a blanket of seamless security.

Storz Power chose to make this move because they believe that people should be able to power their homes without the fear of their investment going up in flames. Too many homes have caught fire because of dangerous battery chemistry and poorly designed Battery Management Systems so they put safety first to help people trust in their solution.

“We choose to be unique in this way because we can’t imagine compromising safety for any other features or benefits.”

Buyer tip: If you want to install a home battery pack, you should work with a certified battery installer. Adding energy storage technology to your home is a complicated process that requires electrical expertise, certifications, and knowledge of the best practices required to install a solar-plus-storage system correctly and safely.

Storz Power aims to make advanced battery products for the everyday homeowner who want to get the most out of their home’s energy.

The Storz Power AI+ Battery Systems are available through their approved local installer network. You can request a quote at The online customer journey makes it easy to find reputable installation companies for your solar/battery project.

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