The Tooth Implant Pros Look To Connect With A Carlsbad Local Implant Specialist

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This piece discusses why the Tooth Implant Brand is successful, and why Carlsbad dental practices should be aware Traffic Gen Solutions decided to bring it's brand to their city.

In this day, and age, where business is now run by software created by young adults still in their teenage years, dental implant specialists are faced with the challenge of generating a steady stream of new implant cases to their practice. Most dentists lack a fundamental understanding of how marketing works, and they’re even worse when it comes to figuring out digital marketing. This is not to say every dentist is terrible when it comes to marketing – that is absolutely not the case. What is true is that a small percentage of dentists have digital marketing figured out, and work with agencies in a collaborative effort. In these cases, the owner and the agency work together to develop the strategy, and the agency, or agencies, implements the strategy.

Traffic Gen Solutions (TGS) was formed with the understanding each health professional offered a service that was considered “premium.” This meant they charged more for that service than any other of the services they offered. And many of these services are not offered with health insurance plans, which means most people need to pay for these services out of their pockets.

Three of the major cosmetic services offered by dentists today are dental implants, clear aligners like Invisalign, and porcelain veneers. The team at TGS decided to start focusing their efforts on dentists first, since dentists were the first health professionals Marketing Director, Marcus Roman, worked with when he got started in marketing over a decade ago.

This is why TGS is setting up their lead generation service in Carlsbad today. They are looking to drive more implant-related traffic to a Carlsbad implant specialists’ practice through a brand known as the Tooth Implant Pros (TIP). TIP is designed to take over the marketing efforts for specific services the customer offers. In this case, it’s implants.

In most cases, a dental practice will have a website, links to a few of the major social media sites, listings on Yelp, Google My Business, and a few of the big industry review engines like Healthgrades, ZocDoc, and 1-800-Dentist. In some instances, usually with the more successful practices, you will see Google Adwords being used to drive traffic. The same goes for SEO – very few practices directly engage in generating their own leads using organic traffic. And almost no one has a marketing strategy that uses all of them at the same time.

The Tooth Implant Pros brand was designed to funnel traffic looking specifically for implants, to an implant specialist’s practice through the marketing system TGS designed. The system encompasses content-rich websites, not brochure-style websites, which is what most dental websites still look like today. It’s focused on generating conversions for specific outcomes, not getting people to learn about every single service the dentist offers. There are call tracking numbers set up, and a system to track every email that comes in as well.

The system is designed to take the job of generating, in this example it’s implant cases, out of the dentist’s hands, and is placed in the hands of a team that performs marketing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. According to Marcus, TGS offers very little customization to its customer-base, so they can focus on what makes their service valuable – generating service-specific leads for their customers.

Because implants are much more cost-effective to produce today than they were just a decade ago, and with the increase in techniques, and tools, more people are warming up to the idea of using implants to replace their teeth. And as is the case with most technology, it becomes much more inexpensive over time, and becomes more appealing to the masses. Dental implants are much more affordable today than they were twenty years ago.

This is also a reason why TGS teams up with practices that offer financing. It helps patients bridge the gap between what they can pay for out of pocket, and what they can finance to make up the difference. It seems the residents of Carlsbad will be learning much more about the Tooth Implant Pros in the near future.

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