The Surprising Truth About SEO Big Shot Kotton Grammer and The One Man Gang

In short, anyone can call a program a bad investment if they have no intention of putting in the effort to make it work. OMG is a concept that takes time and commitment. Some words to live by in this photo...

There are a lot of questions flying around the internet about whether or not Kotton Grammer’s program is for real. This is big news because OMG is an expensive program to get in to. Expensive for whom someone would ask. It is expensive if the person who signs up does absolutely nothing with the knowledge. Likewise, expensive if someone wants to further their SEO and online marketing career, dump the day job that can’t go on for one more day, and DOES NOT join the course. If the knowledge is actually implemented from the training it is a huge game changer. Look at all of the testimonials from people who are putting in their notice and walking away from having a boss, doing a job they aren’t appreciated for and can actually start living the life that they want. So many different goals come into play in this life BUT there is only one chance to pursue them, so if being a master in search engine optimization sounds promising and changing a current path is a must, read on because it is not for the faint at heart.

Joining OMG for likely a different reason than most, a person like myself is already boss-free, makes a decent salary and doesn’t hate their job. Being a nerd at heart though and always having had interest in computers, marketing on the internet and SEO, this route is a huge benefit to ‘another job’ being pursued as a first source of income. Mike Long (an OMG founder) spoke at a Bob Proctor live event and shared a Facebook snippet belting out these words so true, “HAVE MULTIPLE SOURCES OF INCOME”. Wow. That is something that has always resided in thought but now one of the masters has just endorsed it! This was that second source of income AND obtaining the information that only OMG is offering became a must.

OMG is a fast track program but it takes the complete novice by the hand and shows them how to begin to root a business, gain clients and rule the search engines. Can someone fail? Absolutely, if following simple instructions is a task that doesn’t fit the mindset. Well, they cannot ALL be classified as simple but this is why a potential SEO needs to enjoy working on the computer and have the desire to learn. With this, one can also enjoy much needed freedom from the typical 9 to 5 job.

The experts who are shedding light to members on how to use techniques to build a foundation that will grow into a prosperous business plan are ALL doing SEO for a living and rocking it. Those include Greg Morrison, Stephen Floyed, Joe Marfoglio, Joshua Fletcher, and the ‘rank wizard’ that there is a testimonial linked here about, Kotton Grammer. To learn about dominating Amazon sales Elizabeth Hererra shows the ropes from beginning to end and she knows procedures most would never stumble upon because Liz is constantly testing new things that an average seller doesn’t have the time or resources to do. Last, but certainly not least, David Mills teaches the framework that can actually be used in ANY business plan. The human mind can be tricky enough to convince a person that a ‘perfect job’ can’t possibly make a decent living while allowing time for family and friends. David helps to crush that misconception by shedding light on how to crush that train of thought.

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