The Snapdragon Party Inspires Families to Make Magic and Memories

Katie Coates launches her new book, “The Snapdragon Party” today on Amazon. The Snapdragon Party is for parents who want to read a touching story to their children or grandchildren, and for 4th and 5th grade readers. More information is available at

Speaker and author Katie Coates is launching her brand new book, “The Snapdragon Party.” The book is set to go live today, available on Amazon, and is expected to become a big hit with parents looking for a Christmas story to read aloud to their children and grandchildren. This is especially suited to those looking for the perfect book to read on their new e-reader devices on Christmas Day and the first days after Christmas. The book is appropriate for the fourth- and fifth-grade reading level and for parents and grandparents who like to read aloud to children of all ages .

More information on the book can be found here:The Snapdragon Party

This is the second book authored by Katie Coates. The book was written with the goal of helping families and friends make memories and bring more meaning to the holidays with the Snapdragon, an ancient tradition from the British Isles. When families take a moment to savor special time together and get to the heart of their closest relationships, they can make magic.

The magical Snapdragon holds memories and meaning for the family in this story, and now readers can make it a tradition for their families, too. Excitement surrounds this book because it will reveal how to make magic with Snapdragon Wishes this New Year.

Read about this family making wishes for the New Year at their annual Snapdragon party with family and friends. The book helps readers learn how they can begin using this tradition to create magical moments in their own lives. With the ‘Recipe for a Snapdragon Party’ included in the book, readers can host their own impromptu party the day after Christmas (Boxing Day, as it’s called in Great Britain), or on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day – or any day early in the New Year. Readers and their guests will have fun and make memories making wishes for good luck in the New Year with a Snapdragon party.

This is the perfect book to download for those who received a new e-reader for Christmas.

Katie Coates has a background as an Accredited Public Relations consultant and writer. She was also raised in a military family. This helped shaped the creation of the book by showing her the importance of establishing traditions to share with family and friends in spite of the upheaval caused by moving 22 times by the age of 18.

When asked why she wrote the book, Katie said, “I want to inspire families to spend quality time together making wishes that turn into goals, and making memories by creating meaningful family traditions.”

Katie has hopes that the book will create memories as parents and grandparents read the book to their children, and as families and friends adopt the Snapdragon as their own tradition to make magic during the holidays. This positive outlook from the author is certainly testament to her optimism, considering some of the mishaps that occurred during the book’s creation. The author had hoped that the book would be available for sale by Cyber Monday and was trying to beat the clock so that readers could enjoy this Christmas story the whole month of December. But the self-publishing project was beset by problems with the computer her friend gave her when her old computer died, a slow internet connection, and other challenges.

In a recent interview,, Katie said, “Even though the book is coming out only three days before Christmas, it will be enjoyable for readers who buy it on Christmas Day, on December 26 or any other day of the year. The rich sensory images of Christmas will evoke memories and inspire readers to make new memories with their own friends and family.”

The author made a point of thanking childhood friends Lynn Graham Lucas and Cynthia Allison, saying, “They remembered our Snapdragon parties from our teen years, and wanted to know how to go about bringing the magic and meaning of the Snapdragon into their own lives. When they pressed me for details at one of our annual grown-up ‘slumber parties,’ I felt compelled to write about the Snapdragon. The Snapdragon Party is a direct result of their interest and our shared memories.”

Katie also thanked her late mother Linda Coates, who made it all happen by showing her how to establish family traditions, have fun and ‘make magic.’

The book’s cover art was created by Alexander Raths and The Snapdragon Party is being released by PRP Press.

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