The Shocking Truth About Bottled Water That Almost Nobody Is Aware Of

According to the National Resources Defense Council, 40 percent of all bottled water is not the safe source for drinking water. There are better and cheaper alternatives for bottled water.

Since the tap water scares of the early 1990s, intense marketing campaigns have convinced consumers that bottled water is the only safe drinking water source.

A closer look into the  bottles water that glints so refreshingly within its disposable, throw-away bottle reveals some startling facts: According to the National Resources Defense Council, 40 percent of all bottled water is nothing more than local tap water, transferred from the pipe to the plastic with little or no treatment.

Despite this, the average cost of bottled water is 1,000 times that of tap water. These high prices should suggest higher filtration standards for bottled water. However, the Food and Drug Administration sets the same or lower standards for bottled water that the Environmental Protection Agency sets for tap water.

According to the National Resources Defense Council, this leads to about 22 percent of all bottled water having below-standard levels of contaminants such as E. coli and fecal coliform.

Disposable water bottles harm the environment. The Earth Policy Institute reports that 2.7 million tons of plastic are used to bottle water each year, 86 percent of which is never recycled.

Outdoors Achievement recommends using durable water bottles instead of using throw-away disposable water bottles. By doing so, consumers not only save money, they actually gain control over their own water needs and supply. Families using durable water bottles are able to enjoy fresh tap water that is free of most dangerous contaminants while they are outdoors and active.

Reusable water bottles are a better alternative to use as long one knows how to to maintain and clean it.

Outdoor Achievement provides their clients with durable, sturdy water bottles. They urge consumers not to become overwhelmed or deterred by the variety of durable water bottles available. They have experts that can answer questions and help select the right bottle size for everyone to meet daily hydration needs.

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