The Self-Publishing Formula Debi Kirk 2016 Video Novel Exposure Course Launched

Debi Kirk has launched a new self publishing course called The Self-Publishing Formula, which helps teach people how to make the most of their writing career. It covers every aspect of the self publishing process.

A new self publishing course has been launched by Debi Kirk, called The Self-Publishing Formula, which helps to educate people on how to go about self publishing their book in any niche, and getting maximum exposure for their writing. Self publishing has a number of benefits over traditional publishing, and is becoming increasingly popular. With the new course, people can get expert advice to give themselves the best chance of success.

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The course was designed to be easy to consume, so that even people with no experience of writing or self publishing can benefit from the advice given. The material is delivered in a professional way, with the benefit of being straight to the point.

Participants on the course can learn about the entire self publishing process from start to finish. It comes with a “How To” toolkit full of contacts, links, and tips of different elements of publishing both online and in print.

Self publishing is a method of book publication that allows people to get their work out in front of readers without the need for a traditional book publisher. There are positive and negative aspects to it, however when done well, self publishing can lead to a better ratio of pay than traditional publishing.

These days, even highly successful traditionally published authors are turning to self publishing for some of their books, because it offers them more control over every aspect of the publishing process.

One of the benefits of self publishing is faster exposure. Traditional publishing takes a long time, with most books taking over a year to go from acquisition to the market. Self publishing happens instantly. This speed can translate to faster exposure and quicker rewards.

Writers will enjoy better royalties and an increased level of creative control, because they will get to manage every aspect of the process, from cover design to the blurb of the story. With the guidance provided in the above mentioned course, writers can stand the best chance of success.

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