The Secret To How Many Celebrities & Models Have Glowing Skin: Skin Brushing

Sublime Skin Brushes, a basic yet powerful tool for beauty and health, are available on Amazon for a limited-time discount. Sublime Beauty founder, Kathy Heshelow, says, "Think of Skin Brushing as required, like brushing the teeth or hair!"

There is one secret that many celebrities and wise women use today to look and feel healthy, with glowing skin and great circulation. This simple secret is not expensive and is within reach of all.

Sublime Beauty® Founder, Kathy Heshelow, says: “Skin Brushing is so simple and easy yet it’s powerful for your health and beauty.” She developed the perfect Skin Brush, and dry brushes every morning. It is available on Amazon now, and for a limited time at a 10% discount with code BRUSH1XS. A HOW TO guide is sent after purchase.

Skin Brushing supports the largest body organ, and the most accessible one: skin. The skin renews every day, and it is estimated that at least one-third of toxins are released through the skin. With age, it becomes more difficult to shed the dead cells and toxins, and when this happens, skin looks more dull. More importantly, stress is put on other organs.

Simply dry Body Brushing the skin each day releases these toxins, allows the skin to breathe, and supports other organs. Dry brushing increases blood circulation and helps move the lymphatic system (which does not have a “pump” like the heart.)

“Feel invigorated and refreshed immediately, and soon skin looks more glowing with better tone, too,” says Heshelow. “Think of skin brushing as required, like brushing teeth or hair!”

Here are tips for correct Skin Brushing:

1) Brush on dry skin – never damp or wet. Before the daily shower is an ideal time.

2) Always brush TOWARDS the heart to work with the lymphatic and circulatory system

3) Start at the feet and work upwards.

4) Use medium strokes – not so hard that it will hurt and not so soft as to be ineffectual. Stroke several times in each area, and concentrate a little more on rougher areas and areas with important lymph nodes (arm pits, inner thighs.)

5) Family members should each have their own brush.

“This is a very inexpensive tool to improve health and skin,” says Heshelow. Get the Sublime Skin Brush on Amazon now.

More information is available on the Sublime Skin Brushing website, including a video about dry brushing from a personal trainer.

ABOUT: Sublime Beauty® is a French-inspired quality skincare company that focuses on products to Age Well. Ingredients help to boost collagen, hydrate, relax wrinkles and improve skin. A niche includes healthy Skin Brushes. The company webstore at offers free standard shipping and a VIP Club. Sign up for Secret Sales on the site. All products also available on Amazon.

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