The Rug Collective launches gorgeous new line of machine washable rugs

The Rug Collective has revolutionized the washable rug market, with the launch of its gorgeously designed Vintage Crown Collection. Further details can be found at

Earlier today, The Rug Collective announced the launch of its Vintage Crown Collection – an innovative new line of machine washable rugs that are ideal for the busy home or office. Coffee, wine, and all other liquids simply roll off the surface of these beautiful and durable rugs, which can simply be wiped with a cloth before spills penetrate them, resulting in zero stainings. The Vintage Crown Collection will transform any space into a stylish setting… and it’ll do so with a difference.

Zeynep Tahmazoglu, Head of Marketing at The Rug Collective, says: “We wanted to revolutionize the rug market with our new Vintage Crown Collection. Anyone that’s owned a machine washable rug before has probably noticed how they are manufactured to be way too complicated. Difficult to clean quickly plus hard to assemble and often not laying flat on the ground. Our Vintage Crown Collection rugs on the other hand, are a one-piece system that is not only machine washable, but also easily wipeable and fully water-resistant.”

As a welcome breath of fresh air, The Rug Collective have also treated their Vintage Crown Collection to help reduce potential allergens normally associated with rugs. With their patented FUR-riendly technology, you’ll breathe more freely thanks to this added protection from rug dust and pet dander. These decorative rugs are also 100% recyclable, and come in a wide variety of designs, from Vintage, to Tribal and Contemporary.

Zeynep Tahmazoglu also said: “We want to help our customers feel happier, with less stress and more time to enjoy their family and work lives. By filling your home or office with our Vintage Crown Collection, you’ll be decorating these spaces with gorgeous rugs that you won’t have to worry about. Investing in quality furnishings often feels like a risk, but with our machine washable rugs, you can rest assured that they’re a sustainable as well as beautiful investment in your living spaces, in addition to being very affordable. So enjoy yourself; live it up in style and comfort with The Vintage Crown Collection adding color to your world.”

The Vintage Crown Collection has been in development for 1.5 years and is the result of 26 years in the rug business. Since day one, The Rug Collective has always aimed to transform lives by beautifying living spaces.

The Vintage Crown Collection is now available across the USA and Canada. To find out more, it’s possible to visit

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