The Revolutionary Child Safety Cabinet Lock by Katabird

Katabird helps first time and experienced parents achieve success in their day-to-day life is one of their goals.

When people become parents, the first 4 years are completely full on. Especially if the infant(s) is one of those creatures that has to open every door or compartment that crosses their way. That’s when most parents realize they need a few child safety cabinet locks that can give them a hand protecting their child in case they accidentally get distracted.

Being 24/7 toddler vigilant is a huge role and responsibility. Unfortunately accidents may happen. At some point the parent needs to go to the toilet, or go to have a shower.

It only takes this small window of time, and a child can open a cabinet full of sharp elements and cut himself/herself, or open a mini-compartment and a heavy misplaced item can fall down and hurt him/her somehow.

These are everyday accidents which happen more often than one can imagine. The problem becomes even more stressful when the parent has to look after 2 or more kids at the same time where all of them have learnt to walk already. This is why it is crucial to babyproof in order to avoid as many incidents as possible.

This very common dilemma does not have to be a problem when the Katabird Child Safety Cabinet Locks become a part of a family home.

It is the perfect home assistant that can stop a child from accessing dangerous compartments.

Although the Katabird Cabinet Locks can be easily used by parents because of its adult-friendly reliable design, the button that opens the lock is hidden enough to make it a huge challenge for a toddler. That provides the perfect balance and saves a lot of time to the parents.

The Katabird Child Safety Cabinet Locks is one of the best handy tools for a mom. It comes in 4 colors (White, Pink, Blue and Green) and also includes:

●A very cute dog design●A solid 3M adhesive tape to ensure no toddler can pull it apart●A 1 minute easy to install process. All a parent needs to do is to stick it on the cabinet as no tools or screws are required●A 100% lifetime money back guarantee.

The Katabird Cabinet Locks have a dual purpose: to make any house safer, and to give parents a break and piece of mind.

Here’s a kid trying to open a drawer which is locked by the Katabird Cabinet Locks:

Having the Katbird Child Safety Cabinet Locks is a must for first time parents, more experienced parents or even grandparents because it ensures a safe and worry free environment.

Each purchase of the Katabird Cabinet Locks comes with a couple of extra nice free surprises, which customers will only discover once the box arrives at their front door.

About Katabird: Katabird offers online good quality home tools with a dedicated mission to deliver one-hundred percent customer satisfaction. Helping first time and experienced parents achieve success in their day-to-day life is one of their goals. Katabird strives to ensure all of their products are made with the end-user in mind by creating simple and superior products.

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