The rate of pet grooming has increased by 4.3% resulting in a $9.2 billion

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The rate of pet grooming in the pet industry has increased at a yearly rate of 4.3% over the last five years, resulting in a $9.2 billion growth.

“From interesting facts about dogs to the eating habits of an albatross, RedCatWeb, a platform which covers various topics related to the animal world, has it all.”

One of the most exciting phenomenons of life is discovering the different ‘worlds’ inside our own. Among those, the world of animals has always been a fascinating area to explore. With around 8.7 million animal species existing as of now, there are no boundaries to the new things discovered about them every day. Most of the world’s species remain undiscovered by science. 1.7 million plants and animals have been described and classified by biologists as of 2010, less than one-quarter of the total species estimated in the world. The science world believes that there are still over five million species yet to be found. It is a widely known fact that the thirst for knowledge in the human mind has always been a constant factor. RedCatWeb, an article with verified facts and sources, can cure that thirst for knowledge regarding the animal kingdom with extensive coverage on various topics related to animals, their habits, habitats, and the ecosystem of wildlife as a whole.

The rate of pet grooming in the pet industry has increased at a yearly rate of 4.3% over the last five years, resulting in a $9.2 billion growth. (source). With the primary focus of the RedCatWeb platform being on releasing interesting articles about domestic animals like cats and dogs, this site makes it easy for pet lovers to know more about their pets, for free. Apart from this, they also focus on providing articles that talk about the most underrated sectors of wildlife. They are planning on expanding their niches to write more about the exotic and legendary animals in the near future, giving their readers something more interesting to look forward to.

“Vitality and Beauty of nature are gifts of nature for those who live according to its laws.”- Leonardo Di Vinci.

Three percent of described species and identified 16,928 species worldwide as being threatened with extinction, or roughly 38 percent of those assessed, according to IUCN. The recent article from RedCatWeb is about endangered animals, named ‘Endangered animals-The A-list that grows every year and it has been in the trending section for quite some time. It consists of important information regarding the increase of species coming under the endangered section and how we, as humans, can help with this issue.

Other interesting articles posted recently include ‘Animals that have been discovered recently,’ ‘The Rarest (but real) animals in the world,’ ‘Animals That We Confuse and How to Differentiate them’ and many more, which are also under the trending category. Aside from this, they have specifically targeted articles for cats and dogs, including ‘Can Cats Eat Pistachios-Definitive Answer’, ‘Sounds Dogs Love’, and a few more. As a fast-growing website, they aim to release many more articles covering exotic species and more about the underrated facts about wildlife in general.

The distinctive feature about this website, aside from its unique topics, is the way they have crafted the article. The ratio of facts and fundamental theory balance each other well, making it a perfect combination of educative and gripping at the same time.

In recent years, species coming under the red book of endangered and extinct species have been rising. Special topics have been chosen by RedCatWeb, about the endangered animals and other issues that affect wildlife, to instigate a sense of awareness in the readers. The causes of these pressing issues and the ways to protect the wildlife have been incorporated in the articles, creating awareness about the contemporary issues faced by wildlife. Their articles are the perfect reading material for anyone with love for nature and wildlife with enthralling topics and creatively authentic writing style.

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