The Rainmaker Family Amazon FBA Work From Home Course For Moms on YouTube

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The Rainmaker Family has launched its latest YouTube channel to share actionable training for stay at home moms looking to start an online business online.

Stephen and Chelsey Diaz, founders of The Rainmaker Family, an online community that helps stay-at-home moms launch an online business, has launched their YouTube channel focused on sharing quick, actionable training on how anyone can create an additional revenue stream from home.

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Stephen and Chelsey recently announced the launch of their YouTube channel as part of their efforts to help young families learn how to work from home utilizing e-commerce strategies and the power of the internet. The most popular playlist on the channel is the “Make Money Now Ideas,” which has helped many viewers learn how to create quick cashflow for their families.

The Rainmaker Family also hosts a 7 Day Rainmaker Challenge where they teach stay at home moms how to create alternative revenue streams online through e-commerce. This 7 Day experience shows how to start and launch a “hands off” product shop utilizing Amazon’s FBA program.

Inside the challenge, students will learn how to discover hidden profitable product opportunities on Amazon using a unique search tool. This Amazon FBA software helps students to uncover product opportunities that Amazon customers are searching for but are not found on Amazon.

Then, participants of The Rainmaker Challenge learn how to find manufacturers for their products, build a recognizable brand, and launch their products on the largest e-commerce website in the world, Amazon.

Because Stephen & Chelsey Diaz work with young families where time with family is most important, they teach how to outsource the most painful part of most e-commerce businesses, the shipping and order fulfillment. This allows moms to build their business during “naptime” and allows their business to run on autopilot.

Since the launch of the 7 Day Rainmaker Challenge, Stephen and Chelsey have helped over 8500 stay-at-home parents learn how to build online passive income businesses across multiple industries around the world.

In addition, their Rainmaker students have collectively generated millions of dollars in sales operating their Amazon seller businesses.

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A recent Rainmaker mom shared her powerful experience after launching her own Rainmaker business: “I was in tears today at the grocery store. I realized it was the first time I was able to buy what I WANTED for my family, not just the bare minimum of what I needed. I’m so thankful for Stephen & Chelsey and how they have taught me how to create generational wealth online. My husband lost his job due to COVID, yet we are prospering and making money online every day because we followed what we learned in The Rainmaker Challenge.”

Interested parties who want to take The Rainmaker Challenge can learn more by visiting this link to learn more.

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