The Protein Pacing Diet by Dr. Paul Arciero Is Now #1 Best Seller

Physiologist Dr. Paul Arciero became a certified best-selling author when his book The Protein Pacing Diet reached #1 in on its launching day.

Dr. Paul J. Arciero, the world’s leading nutrition, exercise and applied physiology scientist and keynote speaker, has successfully launched his first book “The Protein Pacing Diet” last April 12, 2019. The Health book reached #1 in in its launching day, making Dr. Arciero a new Best-Selling Author.

The Protein Pacing Diet sets its main focus on scientifically proven solution of Protein Pacing and the PRISE Life Program for optimal Weight reducing, Health, and Performance in an easy to follow, execute, and results oriented lifestyle to guide and motivate them throughout the entire process. It’s designed to take away their “Frustration” of excess fat and belly fat, “Exhaustion and Lack of Will Power” so they can regain control over their health, and “Fear” of becoming ill and diseased so they can live a life of optimal health and performance.

The book’s target audience are readers who are:

1. Frustrated with excess body weight, fat, and belly fat

2. Exhausted, tired, fatigued and overwhelmed with a lack of will power to take control over their health

3. Frightened and scared of illness and disease lurking around the corner because of this excess fat and lack of will power.

When asked about why they wrote the book, Arciero said: “”It’s time to join the millions of people worldwide who have heard the message: Put an end to fad diets and harmful exercise programs, and ‘Never Diet Again’ by Keeping Your Eyes on the PRISE!””

Dr. Arciero adds, “I have actual Pre/Post photos and body metrics if needed to further highlight and support these testimonials. I have lots more too!

1. “Everything you did to monitor us and lead us on a path to lifelong wellness was done perfectly. You all spared no expense in your time, effort, materials, food products, tests, and SUPPORT!! I said so many prayers of thanks to God for allowing me to participate in the program and I was sincerely humbled by everything I was able to achieve. I reached my lowest weight in my adult life. What an achievement!!!” Charlene

Charlene’s Results

Weight Reduced: 27 pounds

Waist Circumference Loss: 7 inches

Overall Fat Loss: 26.2 pounds

Belly Fat Loss: 3.1 pounds

2. “I have maintained most of my 50 pounds of reduced weight and last summer started biking 20 to 40 miles a week and now that it is winter I am starting to get back into hiking, mostly up the back here in the woods.” Joe

Joe’s Results

Weight Reduced: 37 pounds

Waist Circumference Loss: 8 inches

Overall Fat Loss: 31.5 pounds

Belly Fat Loss: 5 pounds

3. “I was surprised when I was accepted into the study because there were so many people in the informational meeting… My body responded really well to Protein Pacing and the PRISE Life program. I lost about three pounds a week and my energy level increased… At the beginning of the program I was barely able to wear size 18 jeans. Now I wear size 14 and they are loose….So far I have maintained my weight reducing (over 30 pounds). I go to the gym and use the PRISE Life fitness. I am keeping track of my workouts and pushing myself to improve each time I go….I think that after 40 years my weight reducing journey has come to an end and my new journey is in mindful, healthy eating. I am looking forward to living the next 40-50 years differently from the way I lived the first 50.” Barb

Barb’s Results

Weight Reduced: 29 pounds

Waist Circumference Loss: 4 inches

Overall Fat Loss: 23.5

Belly Fat Loss: 3.4

4. “Thank you again for all of your effort and work in supporting me through this experience. It has been a wonderful and truly life changing event for me and my family. I would be very glad to share a before and after comparison as I know this is the reason I have been able to improve not only my weight but truly my overall health…Anyway here are two pictures that reflect the changes that have occurred for me. The first was taking right before the study started and the second was taken as soon as the program ended. They definitely show the changes that have taken place in me. Even though I lived through it, seeing it really brings the point home.” Jim

Jim’s Results

Weight Reduced: 43 pounds

Waist Circumference Loss: 9.5 inches

Overall Fat Loss: 31.5 pounds

Belly Fat Loss: 5.3 pounds

5. “This has been the most successful experience I’ve ever had in a decades-long quest to get healthy… You have started all of us on the life-long path to continue and improved healthy living, and I am very, very grateful. And I expect you will continue to see in us the truly successful repercussions of this program for a very long time. Can’t thank you enough for the positive impact you’ve had on my life.” Jeannie

Jeannie’s Results

Weight Reduced: 30 pounds

Waist Circumference Loss: 5 inches

Overall Fat Loss: 18.5 pounds

Belly Fat Loss: 1.5 pounds

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