The Productive Business Development Coach Launches NEW Program For Businesses

For business owners struggling with productivity and growth, Ms. Suzanne Dwyer, The Productive Business Development Coach, has launched her NEW group coaching program, which make the business owner's vision, a reality.

Suzanne Dwyer, The Productive Business Development Coach, has launched a new group coaching program.

This program has been specifically designed for business owners that have hit a plateau and don’t know how to move forward.

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Ms. Dwyer’s program, just recently released for 2020, enables each business owner the opportunity to understand their business’s strengths and weaknesses.

Her program will also walk each owner through a proven process for setting truly actionable goals and milestones. This all leads to achievable results.

Ms. Dwyer’s program includes the following and more: training and guidance in business structure, marketing, sales, maximizing profitability and (Some would say MOST importantly) business mindset.

During the group coaching program, Ms. Dwyer implements executive mindset training, which looks at all facets of a business owner’s life to see if there are roadblocks preventing achievement. When barriers become clear, Suzanne assists in harnessing the client’s internal power to overcome those barriers.

The Productive Business Development Coach will help you, make your business vision, a reality.

The group coaching program runs for 8 weeks. After 8 weeks all participants would have the option to move forward into 1 on 1 coaching. This allows Suzanne to engage with the business owner and their business on a deeper level.

Ms. Dwyer’s primary focus, whether in the group coaching or 1 on 1 program, is on a business’s main three facets:

1. Business Structure

2. Marketing and Sales

3. Executive Mindset Training

All participants in the group coaching program receive a course workbook and worksheets. The course assignments and workbook assist the participants in understanding the various concepts taught and most importantly, putting those concepts in action.

Ms. Dwyer has an extensive background in business, marketing, sales and mindset. With clients in more than 30 states, she focuses on using her abilities to help stagnant businesses find the productivity they are missing and in turn, become more profitable.

Her clients come from various niches and she is particularly experienced in working with professionals such as accountants and attorneys.

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