The Plan by Dan Hollings New Webinar: Passive Income With Grid Bot Gold (Soon)

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Revolutionary investing strategy that is being called a once a 1,000-year opportunity. Dan Hollings, creator of The Plan reveals how to make passive income off of crypto volatility using a set and forget automated system that requires very little time to run.

The Profitable Expat will be hosting a free webinar online on February 17, 2022 at 1:00pm Pacific called The Plan by Dan Hollings: Grid Bot Gold. This webinar will reveal Dan Hollings live new training that will explain how to make passive income using The Plan; a low-risk crypto investment strategy. This exclusive webinar will be held live and Mr. Hollings will explain the principles behind automated grid bot trading and how this program has improved the financial wellbeing of tens of thousands of people in a very short time.

This limited webinar will be presented to a small, select group of individuals and readers are cordially invited to attend. Spaces are filling up fast and interested parties can avoid disappointment by REGISTERING FOR A FREE SEAT NOW.

The Plan hit the world by storm last year and is now being used in over 114 countries around the world.

For possibly the first time ever, the investing arena has been equalized and made available to all people regardless of class, stature, race, religion, economic standing, education, gender, nationality, or any other criteria. This equalization is the result of two key factors. The first is the unique investing method taught by Mr. Hollings, and the second is the use of cryptocurrencies as an investment vehicle on the blockchain.

Until now, these two factors have never existed before, and together, they have trigged what many are calling the opportunity of a lifetime, and perhaps even a once in a 1,000-year opportunity.

This revolutionary strategy and asset class have enormous potential and it is within reach of the majority of the literate population of today’s world.

Anyone wishing to get a better return on their investment funds, earn passive income, or wanting to shore up their retirement savings would be well suited to take a free seat in this upcoming training.


Dan Hollings and Jason Fladlien will be leading the presentation and this webinar is a chance for people to hear from industry leaders on how to make passive income from the volatility of the crypto market using very little time. They can ask questions live and get information not readily available through other channels.

People who are interested in how to make passive income from the volatility of the crypto market using very little time, can register free at

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The Profitable Expat was founded in 2021 and serves the community of expat wives living abroad and people wanting to earn income online. It is known for online income expertise and specializes in helping people find the most efficient and enjoyable way(s) to earn legitimate income online.

DISCLAIMER: Investing In crypto is considered risky and people can lose money, so it is advised to only invest money that one can afford to lose. Information presented here and in the webinar is not investment or financial advice and investors must “do your own research” (DYOR) and consult their own licensed professional(s). In exchange for making people aware of this opportunity, we may receive a small referral from the creators.

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