The Physicians Road Interviews Doc2Doc Lending’s Physician Founders

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Physicians interested in learning more about the challenges of finding fair lending rates can view an exclusive webinar featuring Doc2Doc Lending where we explore key points in a physician’s career in which we have found capital is most needed:

In addition to answering questions about helping doctors understand that needing capital is totally normal at various points in their careers; and that, if they need to take on debt, that they do so responsibly and with a provider focused on their needs, the webinar also covered the fact that Doc2Doc Lending is a physician-founded financial start-up that shows that doctors can be entrepreneurs too! One of the most surprising facts explored during the Doc2Doc Lending presentation is that most doctors believe they are financially literate, though they lack the knowledge to truly understand financial lending tools which can put them at a disadvantage in this space; and that, if they need to take on debt, that they do so responsibly and with a provider focused on their needs which few Physicians are aware of.

The full agenda of this informative webinar:

Featuring a Physician-founded financial start-up that shows doctors can be entrepreneurs too – Doc2Doc Lending was founded by two physicians who have been through various terrible lending scenarios and figured there MUST be a better solution for people in our situation

Building a culture of financial literacy for physicians – Doc2Doc Lending seeks to help physicians learn about key financial terms in order to make better decisions with respect to their capital needs. Most doctors think that, because they went to years and years of college/med school/training, they know everything. Unfortunately, many physicians don’t understand key financial terms which can end up costing them a lot more in the long-run.

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