The Oral Breeze Company’Develops New Oral Health Product

The new and Innovative QuickBreeze oral irrigator can greatly improve oral health

The Oral Breeze company announced today the launch of their new oral irrigator the QuickBreeze. Following the tremendous success of the ShowerBreeze, their other oral irrigator product, the New QuickBreeze is specially constructed to easily install and features new state-of-the-art innovations including a lever for water stream activation and control which makes the thorough cleaning of one’s mouth not only easy but considerably more effective than flossing.

Flossing, although a welcome addition to oral health, only can remove food particles that it can reach, whereas the QuickBreeze with its powerful water jet spray, blasts away those hard to reach food particles that often lead to gingivitis and other gum diseases. Also, the QuickBreeze is affordable, installs without tools is quiet, convenient, lightweight and easily snaps on and off the bathroom sink faucet.

In addition, the QuickBreeze requires no electricity or batteries.

Oral Breeze President Thomas C. Spaulding pointed out during the press conference that “periodontal disease is the leading cause of tooth loss and that oral irrigators, like the QuickBreeze, have been scientifically proven to prevent the buildup of plaque and thus eliminate gingivitis and periodontal disease. We want to make more people aware of this fact so they can take the necessary actions to maintain good oral health.”

Recent studies confirm this and have gone on to show that poor oral health can lead to more serious health problems since the mouth is the gateway to the rest of the body. The reason for concern is that plaque separates the gum from the tooth giving harmful bacteria access to the bloodstream to infect and damage other areas of the body, especially the heart. Plaque also weakens the gums and spreads quickly which often leads to tooth loss and the need for implants or dentures. And in some cases extensive oral surgery

The QuickBreeze will be available for purchase at the company website and at

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