The Only Hair Extensions That Are Sourced From Indian Temples

Great Lengths hair are leaders in hair extensions, all the hair is 100% human hair that has been ethically sourced. The hair is of superior quality and is available in 55 different colours.

When ladies  want to have an image make-over they have many options perhaps new clothes, change their make-up range a new handbag or even a new pair of shoes. However when it come to a hair make-over there are literally loads of options including a new style, new colour whether to go shorter or keep it long, wavy or straight, so much choice!

There are also other options that are available including hair extensions. Hair extensions are very popular at this moment with many celebrities on the red carpet having them fitted to either give extra length, volume or colour. One of the features of extensions is that they are instant so once they are fitted the client gets the style they are looking for.

Hair extensions come in various forms including clip-in’s, weave, bonded or micro loop. Probably the most popular form of extensions are pre-bonded, the advantage of these extensions are that they last up to 3 months, can be matched to your existing hair colour and can be styled. The Great Lengths brand of hair extensions is very popular, the hair is superior quality 100% human hair and has been ethically sourced from Indian Temples.

Great Lengths hair is sourced from India, during the Hindu ritual of tonsuring, this is when women voluntarily sacrifice their hair and donate it to the temples. This guarantees the hair is sourced ethically and willingly ensuring a fair price is paid for the hair. The proceeds from the sale of the hair is used to support local communities, temples and medical services.

Great Lengths hair extensions are only available in select salons, where the stylists have undergone comprehensive training and have been successful in achieving the Great Lengths accreditation.

Emma the salon manager at Unique of Sheffield is an approved salon for Great Lengths she says ” We have been associated with Great Lengths for many years and we are really pleased with the quality and back up support from Great Lengths. Our clients that choose Great Lengths come from all over the UK, and they keep coming back time and time again. There are a number of  fundamental stages when having extensions fitted, the first is the client consultation, this is the initial stage of the process and this ensures that the clients hair is suitable for extensions and we find out exactly what the client is looking for. The second important stage is the fitting, only get extensions fitted by a reputable and qualified stylist, you want to make sure that the stylist knows what they are doing. And the other most important stage is the aftercare of the extensions, this is to ensure that the extensions are maintained to the highest standard ensuring that the client gets the most life from the extension hair.”

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