The One Funnel Away Challenge for Entrepreneurs – Launch in 30 Days or Less.

The best entrepreneur challenge - The One Funnel Away by Russell Brunson. It offers proven training tips and strategies to help entrepreneurs to generate more leads and sales.

Have you heard of the One Funnel Away Challenge? The One Funnel Away Challenge helps more entrepreneurs achieve success with their business. It offers over-the-shoulder training, marketing guidance, and tips from Russell Brunson to generate more leads and secure a prosperous future.

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This program is designed to help entrepreneurs turn their business around. It’s also well suited to those who are trying to escape the rat race or earn more money working from home. Participants will receive a marketing bundle with tools to help them improve web presence, increase visibility, and build more sales.

Because of its nature, it’s open to both new and experienced sellers of products online. Whether the entrepreneur doesn’t know where they want their business to go, they are feeling stuck, or want to increase reach, the program offers practical solutions.

An entry fee of $100 covers the materials and tools, and from there, entrepreneurs get access to all the training and programs they need to make their business a success. The program has been created with optimal lead generation in mind, to help more entrepreneurs increase sales.

Features include 30 days of video “Missions” from Russell Brunson, 30 days of coaching from Stephen Larsen and Julie Stoian, and their One Funnel Away Challenge customized kit with a 30-day plan.

Alongside this, participants will also get a physical copy of the book, an MP3 player, unlimited access to 30 days interviews, and more. This is shipped to their doorstep so they can begin right away and implement the lessons they learn.

The new program aims to encourage a growth-oriented mindset based on the idea of using one funnel to make back millions of lost money. Russell Brunson asked all of his successful clients who made it into the 2 comma club, “what would you do if you lost everything and had to start from scratch?”. Now entrepreneurs can use their detailed advice to take determined steps towards a financially free future.

The methods outlined in the program require no product, no list, and no traffic. Participants will be able to read their training material and see the impact of their one funnel away idea.

Those wishing to find out more can visit the One Funnel Away Challenge here.

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