The Numerous Benefits of Cord Tissue Cell Therapy for Chronic Pain Relief

Cord tissue cellular therapy is an alternative treatment that can help ease pain for patients who are looking for alternatives to surgery and medication. The Physical Medicine & Wellness Center of Northern Kentucky provides these services to patients in Florence, KY and Cincinnati, OH!

In the past, chronic pain relief was limited to a few restrictive options. One was invasive surgery that came bundled with lengthy downtime for recovery as well as the potential for unsightly scarring. The other was prescription medication which often led to high monthly costs and reliance on highly addictive pills that could dull the senses. This led to many patients trying to simply cope with their chronic pain, leaving it untreated for fear of taking steps towards surgery or medication. Chronic pain shouldn’t simply be masked or coped with; patients everywhere should know that there are new therapeutic procedures that have shown immense potential in treating and possibly even eradicating chronic pain without the need of opting for surgery or medication. One such procedure is cord tissue cell therapy, which helps a patient’s body repair itself from within.

Regenerative cellular therapy, including stem cell therapies such as adipose-derived stem cell therapy, is often regarded as the new frontier of medicine and pain relief as it is non-invasive and can typically be done as an outpatient procedure in one simple visit. Cord tissue cell therapy uses the body’s own regenerative cells to help target the sources of pain and work to subdue them by repairing both damaged and degenerative cells. The cells harvested for cord tissue cell therapy have an incredibly low risk for an adverse immune system reaction which means that they are overall a safe option for patients that are looking to treat their chronic pain.

For patients in Florence, KY and Cincinnati, OH, the Physical Medicine and Wellness Center of Northern Kentucky offers cord tissue cellular therapy to help spur on their patients’ healing without the need for relying on invasive surgical procedures or costly, potentially addictive prescription medications. Patients looking for cellular therapy options should contact the Physical Medicine and Wellness Center of Northern Kentucky today!

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