The Next Evolution of Job Description Software From Datapeople

Datapeople's job description software provides guidance on job titles, content, language, and requirements, as well as salary estimates, recruiting analytics, and workflows.

Job description software used to be a static database of pre-written jobs. Datapeople’s job description software, however, provides guidance on job titles, content, language, and requirements. It also includes features like salary estimates, recruiting analytics, and workflows.

“Job description software is growing up,” says Datapeople content lead Charlie Smith. “It’s about time, too, because a static database with guidance on gendered language alone is no longer enough. Hiring teams need advice on every aspect of the job description, from job title to benefits to salary range and more.”

Job titles are a critical starting point. Job boards work by matching keywords in candidate search queries to keywords in job descriptions. Job titles also signal to job seekers the seniority level of the position, which they can use to gauge whether they qualify. Datapeople’s job description software provides guidance on proper job titling.

Job descriptions pull together a number of content pieces that, together, offer clarity and encourage qualified candidates to apply. They also help with compliance efforts. Datapeople points out when a job post is too long or is missing key information.

Inclusive job posts use clear, welcoming language. Datapeople steers hiring teams away from language proven to deter qualified candidates and towards language that attracts qualified candidates. It also helps clarify their writing, showing them how to address candidates in the active voice, remove confusing phrasing or corporate cliches, and more.

Datapeople also flags requirements or requirement combinations that may confuse or deter qualified candidates. Listing an entire technology stack or adding ‘Senior’ to a title that doesn’t merit it, for example, can confuse and deter job seekers.

Estimating salaries can be a bit of a guessing game without data behind it. Skills, experience, education, and location all impact salaries, and seeing exactly how they impact them helps hiring teams manage the budget. Datapeople’s job description software helps establish salaries that are appropriate for the job─during the writing process.

Understanding how job descriptions perform can help recruiting teams improve the health of their entire hiring funnel. Recruiting analytics gives them a bird’s-eye view of their hiring funnel so they can identify jobs that need attention, bottlenecks, and more.

Finally, integration with applicant tracking systems (ATSs) like Greenhouse and Workday enables hiring teams to work collaboratively on job descriptions, post them back onto the ATS, and then track their performance.

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