The Newly Released Tempi Metronome Helps Musicians At Any Level Improve Rhythm

After being released on, the Tempi Mechanical Metronome has become a true sensation for musicians looking to improve their rhythm and timing.

After being released on, the Tempi Mechanical Metronome has become a true sensation for musicians looking to improve their rhythm and timing.

A mechanical metronome is in the shape of a tower containing gears and a pendulum which swings back and forth. The pendulum makes an extremely accurate ticking noise and can be adjusted to tick slower or faster. The musician thus plays their instrument in line with the ticking sound and learns to play accurately to the metronome.

When the rhythm and timing is accurate, the music sounds more accurate and better, increasing the confidence and ability of the musician. It also provides the proper foundation to for future, more advanced levels of music playing.

Heather Anne from Texas stated, ” I’ve played classical piano since I was 4 – I went to college on a piano scholarship. I have never done anything with it professionally, but it has always been a part of my life, and sitting atop the piano was always a mechanical (not electric, certainly not digital) metronome. These days, for reasons of space and economics, I play on a Williams Overture II (fully-weighted 88-key electric), which has a built-in metronome. I loathe it (the metronome, not the piano, which I adore), and after just 2 days of trying to practice using it, I had to order a proper metronome. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase; nothing compares to a mechanical metronome, simply nothing. If you’re trying to learn to play piano, timing is imperative – it is a percussion instrument, after all – and you simply cannot hear the digital ones properly over the piano. Also, the mechanical metronome has the swinging pendulum, which, much like a conductor’s hand, helps keep you on beat. Whether you’re a seasoned pianist, an early student, a professional, an amateur, teacher or soloist, you are doing yourself a disfavor by not having one of these atop the instrument.”

Some of the reasons that the Tempi Metronome is so compelling is that it is affordable, durable and elegant. Not only can the Tempi Mechanical Metronome be bought for just $45.00 on Amazon, it comes with free 2-Day Shipping for Prime Members. It comes with a complimentary 2- YEAR Warranty and world-class customer service from knowledgeable musicians to help answer any questions via email or over the phone!

Tempi, founded by musicians for musicians, knows that reliability is important which is why they designed the Tempi to contain steel gears, suitable for safe transport to music lessons and lifelong accuracy. The Tempi Metronome also contains a beat bell to take practice to the next level and not only practice the timing but also the rhythm of the playing.

Dan from New Jersey wrote, ” GREAT customer service with this group! Very high quality product – highly recommend! The company is great and follow up extremely fast. Wish all vendors were as good. Made in USA and privately/small shop owned – not a big box corporate group – high end products and obviously a very proud company -a thing not commonly found much anymore – reward them for it and purchase this excellent unit. It appears to have the quality to last for a hand me down to your children or friends (like it was when i grew up).”

The swinging, gold colored pendulum acts as a visual beat reference to not only improve accuracy of playing acoustically but also visually, which electric metronome just can’t do. It doesn’t contain any batteries and looks gorgeous in the music room. Tempi also includes an E-book, “12 Tips to Become a Better Musician” , a $19.00 value, absolutely free! And in case that polishing and cleaning of the beautiful faux mahogany exterior is needed, the Tempi comes with a cleaning cloth too!

For all these reasons, customers are raving about the Tempi Mechanical Metronome and how it is helping them become better musicians. If not for themselves, then for their children. Many customers buy the Tempi as a gift to friends who play musical instruments and appreciate them. Rated 4.6 stars by over 220 musicians, Tempi is the mechanical metronome to choose for those who are serious about taking their playing to the next level.

As Tempi promises, ” 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE AND 2 YEAR WARRANTY: Improve your timing and feel confident with your music skills or your money back!”

Don’t settle for bad music playing and accuracy and sound like an experienced musician with the Tempi. It can be found on Amazon here.

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