The Newest Fitness Company to Offer Quality and Affordable Lifting Straps

Rip Toned lifting straps and their recently launched lifting belts have been creating value in the fitness market through their premium quality, reasonable price and high level customer service.

West Kelowna, BC, Canada – September 26th, 2014 /PressCable/

Rip Toned is the newest provider of fitness accessories in the market that offers high quality and performance level lifting straps and weight lifting belts. According to Rip Toned spokesperson Gary Holbert, “our products are developed to deliver safe and effective weight lifting training and designed to improve and enrich an individual's overall fitness and wellbeing”. Rip Toned is paving the way to become the next big hit in weightlifting and fitness accessories through their competitive products and solid customer service.

It was only June of 2014 when they launched their first line of products, the lifting straps, and have now already established a name in the fitness industry through customer recommendations and positive reviews on Their latest product to offer the market is their double velcro weightlifting belt. All their products are available at

According to Rip Toned, they don't just sell products, their goal is to make sure every customer who purchases their lifting accessories know how to safely and effectively use them. They want to ensure the use of their weight lifting straps and belts are done correctly by providing useful information such as articles, lifting straps “how to use” video tutorials and other documentation.

The Rip Toned corporate website provides relevant topics that cover weightlifting, health, fitness, nutrition, and general wellbeing. Rip Toned has also made their company accessible to everyone through their social media channels. Important updates and information about their company and about weightlifting and fitness are shared across these platforms particularly through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube.

The complete description of their lifting straps and belt can be viewed through their Amazon storefront as well as the reviews left by customers regarding their products' quality and the customer experience. By reading through the reviews, customers will learn more about Rip Toned and their products. Rip Toned belts and straps are backed by Amazon's 30-day money back guarantee and Rip Toned's own lifetime replacement warranty. Customers will also benefit from the bonuses included posted on Amazon and all who purchase are given access to Rip Toned's VIP Membership Site containing images, videos, exercise routines, diet plans and more.

Rip Toned is committed to helping dedicated weightlifters as well as aspiring enthusiasts to reach their fitness goals and sculpt the physique of their dreams. Rip Toned lifting straps and belts are quickly becoming a household name in the fitness industry.

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Name: Mark Pasay
Organization: Rip Toned
Phone: 1-888-552-0225
Address: West Kelowna, BC Canada V4T 1L3

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