The new Women’s White Shirt by Ella Hopfeldt is a game changer

Ella Hopfeldt, the dress shirt brand for women has taken the classic women’s white shirt and turned it into something exquisite: the new design is outstanding in every aspect.

Ella Hopfeldt, the dress shirt brand for women has taken the ever-classic women’s white shirt and turned it into something truly exquisite: the new design is a fine example of the brand’s vision of creating women’s shirts that are “outstanding in every aspect”.

The new women’s white shirt impresses with its unpretentious elegance and an attention to detail. The shirt’s luxurious herringbone twill fabric makes it look royal and its French cuffs offer a touch of distinction in a bolder and more striking manner. And here’s another bonus: this fitted shirt comes in 4 different fits and looks great on women of different heights and shapes.

“We take a lot of pride in how our shirts fit,” says Merit Lookene, the co-owner of Ella Hopfeldt brand. “The key to any clothing is how it fits and a perfect white shirt is perfect only if it truly flatters the figure. A majority of women can easily find a perfect fitting white shirt with our unique fit system.”

Ella Hopfeldt’s proprietary fit system is based on shape first and then size. Right shape shirt works with the frame and the body shape enhancing the silhouette and allowing for a comfortable experience. The tailored white shirt comes in thirty-six different options: four shapes and nine sizes.

The white shirt is made of natural, premium quality cotton. “We do not use stretch in our shirts,” Merit Lookene explains. “Natural fabric feels amazing against the skin and we do not believe in cheating on fit.”

About Ella Hopfeldt

The Ella Hopfeldt mission is to offer the same variety and choice of quality dress shirts to women as is being offered by the world’s best shirt makers to men. With their exceptional quality, premium fabrics and reinforced collars and cuffs the brand’s shirts truly stand out from the competition.

Ella Hopfeldt online store sells safely and securely to over 100 countries worldwide and offers free shipping.

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