The New John Ligato Novel Titled Dirty Boys To Be Released In 2015

John Ligato is a retired FBI agent who spent eight years in deep cover targeting Organized Crime. He received the two highest decorations awarded within the Justice Department as well as three Purple Hearts for wounds suffered in Vietnam as a young Marine.

The book is full of real calamities that have happened in the United States over the past10 years and that concern all American readers.

John Ligato isa former Marine and retired FBI agent, whose unique background ensures that the plot of his new novel will be intriguing for the readers. In Dirty Boys, the author gives real inside information about the FBI, their decisions and events that occurred in the North Korea and the Mid West.

Dirty Boys is the story of the good and evil and the fight of an unorthodox FBI agent against both terrorists and the bureaucracy. In the storyline, readers will be able to identify themselves and the events that bothered them not too long ago. Such as power blackouts, Boston Marathon bombing, wild fires, institutional computer viruses and others that are interwoven by the author.

Some other themes that Ligato writes about in his novel, are the chief Justice of the Supreme Court murder that was intended to influence the decisions of the court.The psychological warfare with the gas prices manipulation, the brainwashing of the young generation in America through education that can lead to disastrous results, to name a few. The novel’s plot combines the N. Korean government with the radical Muslim jihadists, who are a shadow of a terrorist group from the Middle Eastern.

 The unique author’s background with the hundreds of missions, an agent on the Joint Terrorism Task Force of FBI and a member of the narcotics squad and SWAT team, speaks of how close the plot is to reality. The readers will feel the emotions felt by the author during his different missions. His engaging writing style is proven by the fact that John Ligato is a motivational speaker to scores of events and is a college professor for more than 9 years. Teaching Covert Operations, Homeland Security,Constitutional Law, and Organized Crime.

Readers can expect the new book release in 2015.

About the Author:Joun Ligato is a is a highly decorated former U.S. Marine, wounded three times in Vietnam, and whose actions at Hue’ City during the 68 TET offensive, led to an actual exhibit at the Marine Corps Museum. John is also a retired F.B.I. agent who spent 8 years in deep cover with the Mafia and has won several of our nation’s highest awards. John is also the creator of “The Patriot Tour”, a fund raising comedy show that tours the country.

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