The New AspectFT-Matrix Provide Flexible Control to Building Automation Systems

Universal Control Systems announced the availability of their new Area Controller is a base hardware platform designed to provide flexible area control applications to a building automation system The New AspectFT-Matrix™ beginning 2/1/2015.

Customers looking for the latest powerful Area Controller, The New AspectFT-Matrix™is a base hardware platform designed to provide flexible area control applications to a building automation system/Energy Management Systems. For a demonstration on the New AspectFT-Matrix™ by Universal Control Systems. The detailed product listing can be found here:

The New AspectFT-Matrix™ is designed to appeal specifically to Commercial property owners and management teams and includes:

Multiple Communication Protocols – Interacts seamlessly with AAM PUP and BACnet protocol products, as well as other third-party protocols like Modbus.

AspectFT Control Engin – Alarm, trend, energy and schedule management, and custom programming capabilities.

Java-based Graphical User Interface – Accessible from most standard web browsers – does not require a proprietary software plug-in, specialized training or dedicated workstation.

Through the use of AAM’s Facilitating Technology (FT), AspectFT, the AspectFT-Matrix Area Controller has the ability to provide traditional control features such as alarming, trending, scheduling, and extensive custom programming. In addition, it integrates with popular internet programs to allow end-users more freedom. With AspectFT, your PC, tablet, or smart device can integrate with your building easily and efficiently. Also included are features such as the ability to push and pull data with popular networked databases, and to serve graphical user interface pages – thus eliminating the need for a dedicated operator workstation or expensive add-on software to view a system or control it’s functions.

Dave Steele, CEO of Universal Control Systems, when asked about The New AspectFT-Matrix™ said:

We are very excited about this latest cutting edge product from AAM. The New AspectFT-Matrix™ is packed with all the features of our most advanced devices, with the price point that fits any budget.

Those interested in learning more about the company can do so on the company website at For more information about AAM Products

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