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Fiber optics is the future of communication and entertainment, and tech gurus will be the first to admit. It is probably the most reliable method to transport and distribute digital content.

Fiber optics is the future of communication and entertainment, and tech gurus will be the first to admit. It is probably the most reliable method to transport and distribute digital content. In fact, the internet as we know it today is mainly driven by fiber optical cables, at least at the global level. However, consumers have had to make do with the less than stellar coaxial cables and DSL cables that had been established to television and phone services at the point of consumption. Internet customers, for a long time, did not enjoy the benefit of having super reliable and exceptionally fast internet connection that is characteristic of fiber optic connections.

However, things have changed with the emergence of Verizon Fios. Verizon Fios is a product line offering the elusive end-to-end fiber networking for customers. This means that customers can now enjoy some of the best upload and download speeds on the internet. The Fios product has six offers for customers to choose from. All the offers are designed to up the ante in as far internet speed at the consumer level is concerned.

Fios offers the fastest download/upload speeds when compared to the traditional standard DSL cable connection. The lowest speeds offer in the Fios product line of 50 Mbps is what many other internet service providers are offering as among their highest speeds. Customers have access to 500 Mbps, which is lightning quick. Add the reliability element and you begin to appreciate the value proposition of Fios offers is unmatched in the crowded market.

But this product line does not solely focus on the internet alone. Verizon has crafted Fios to be all-inclusive by adding TV and digital voice options. For customers, the combination of seriously fast internet connection and premium add-ons at a pocket-friendly price point should be a tantalizing prospect. For instance, the unlimited local and nationwide voice services will set customers back $20 more on their internet plan per month.

Fios TV offers more than 195 channels. Additionally, there are thousands of many others on-demand entertainment content for customers to opt for. The vast majority of content on the Fios TV is high-definition, which is enabled by the extreme speeds of the fiber optic connection. The company also actively offers time-limited plans and Internet deals on Verizon Fios to help consumers and businesses simplify their shopping process.

My Deals Club seeks to be a better answer queries and questions regarding platforms like Verizon Fios, and provide unbiased information than the existing forums and tech news outlets can. “The IT industry is missing a platform for detailed, user-friendly technology guides,reviews and educational advice,” said technology consultant James Dickson “The MyDealsClub team holds themselves to a very high standard, which is part of why I’m excited to partner with them and build great product lines .”

Fios is recommended for individuals interested in having large data transmission capability as well as lighting fast transmission capability. Among such individuals include gamers, internet freelancers and remote workers and YouTubers. The product line is also uniquely designed for people who love online forms of entertainment such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and any other internet platform. A thorough break-down and review of Verizon Fios can be found at MyDealsClub , It offers an in-depth look at the product line and breaks it down to intricate details to help you understand what is on offer, revealing all that is great about it and also exploring what is not so pleasing .

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