The Misadventures of a Human Skull Carver Inspires New TV Series – Zane Wylie

Zane Wylie, a professional skull carving artist, has been in talks with television producers about expanding his business into a show about his life, and the interesting situations created by his unique profession.

Over the last few years, there have been several television productions about artists, and the interesting things they produce. The newest addition to this style of entertainment may be a show about Zane Wylie, his skull carving business, and his work as a comedy stage hypnotist.

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After recent news coverage about a skull stolen from his home workshop, and the hilarious way in which he handled the situation, Wylie received attention from media producers for more than just his skill as a skull carver. What started off as a business carving replica skulls for collectors, movies, and celebrities, may soon turn into a media production based on his life and work.

Wylie has had the chance to work on several large-budget films, and his work can be seen in these shows and movies by an observer who knows where to look. His artwork makes appearances in shows like Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol, the AMC original series Preacher, and the popular show Constantine.

Pieces of his hand-carved collections are owned by serious collectors and media celebrities around the world who are interested in realistic and artistically enhanced skulls. While most of the skulls carved by Wylie are replicas, the artist also carves real human skulls, acquired through various legal means, including relationships with museums and anthropologists.

Wylie encounters, or causes, interesting events regularly because of his unusual career choice. When a replica skull was stolen from his workshop recently by a mischief-maker who mistook it for a real human skull, the young man thought he was being haunted for his misdeeds.

Not one to let an opportunity go to waste, Wylie fabricated a story about how he received the skull from the City Of The Dead and was similarly cursed. The artist convinced the young man that the only way to reverse the haunting was to perform good deeds to help cancel out his previous thievery.

Those who have met Wylie suggest that any show will have lots of material to work with, based on the inappropriate situations he causes at every opportunity. Whether they’re from his work as a skull carver, a comedy stage hypnotist, or his full-time career writing about these events in stories for his mailing list remains to be seen.

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