The Mini DJ Available for Any Event: Bluetooth Turtle Speaker With LED Lightshow

Useful Innovation has launched a new Floating Bluetooth Turtle Speaker With Lightshow useful for any pool party.

In the world of gadgets and gizmos, there’s a new one in town that will get every party started, the Floating Bluetooth Turtle Speakers with LED Lightshow. Imagine a pool with a floating turtle in the center. Music is blasting, lights are rhythmically coordinated to the beat. The Turtle is a mini DJ, ready to play tunes all day and night. Available on Amazon at

In the evening or at an indoor pool would be the best setting for the Turtle to show off the multicolor light display to the fullest. Each Turtle comes with a DC power cord and charger, the turtle, and remote control. Made of sturdy PVC material, and water-safe electrics, the Turtle is built to last. A 100% satisfaction guarantee comes with every purchase.

High-quality, built-in speakers on the top of the Turtle play music clearly so it is easily heard by the party. Sound and color is controlled by the remote, or with a bluetooth compatible smartphone. Now all that’s needed is a playlist! The perfect playlist with all types of musical genres, pop, rock, jazz, or whatever mood strikes can be played at the press of a button. Change the color to suit the style of music. Blue for jazz, red for rock or pink for pop, the possibilities are endless.

The Turtle could be a great addition to a water aerobics class, where the instructor can choose a playlist and demonstrate, hands-free and with ease in the water. Swimming classes for toddlers and young children could benefit from having music, as a way to help introduce them to the water with music.

No need to hire a DJ anymore, here is a mini floating DJ who will have the music going for hours as guests are happily entertained. A must-have for those who love pools, hot tubs, or going to the lake. Ideal for family gatherings, children’s parties, BBQs, or adults-only parties too! Now available on Amazon at

Release ID: 243349